Saturday Issue Review: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps


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CaptainMarvelCarolCorpsSource: Purchased Individual Issues
Publisher: Dark Horse
Series: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps
 Individual Isues, 120 Pages
 Video Game Comic
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository*
*I receive a small monetary kickback from Amazon purchases
Rating: 3/5

Atten-Hut! These ladies are the best of the best and will take you down if you threaten their Captain. Welcome to Hala Field, where being a part of the elite Carol Corps, requires guts, guile and a whole lot of grit. So put on your uniform and get ready for a high-fl ying Captain Marvel tale years in the making.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps was part of the Secret Wars event, which served to merge the two universes of Marvel (both the normal and the Ultimate). Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps focuses on Carol Danvers as she leads a squadron of fighter pilots as they serve the God Doom.

I really liked the idea of Secret Wars….but the actual execution of the both the main storyline (what was even happening half the time?) and with a few of the side projects, it really fell flat. Carol Corps was not immune to this unfortunately. The writing is strong, the characters are awesome….but the actual story was middling at best. We see as Carol starts to question the world around her, and her squadron deal with the new revelations…but it really goes no where and ends really quickly.

It’s a decent story…but it’s not something that in hindsight was really necessary to buy. It’s certain a fun story, and I did like it better than the actual Secret Wars issues but it was very clear it was a means to an end…a way to bide time until the official reset.

3 star

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