Reading and Ranting: Ready, Set, STAR WARS!



Yeah, I’m precisely the kind of geek who takes a break from reviews on the blog to celebrate the release of a new Star Wars film.

I started this year out PISSED at Disney…extremely pissed…like ready to toss my SW fandom in the trash, because that’s where it felt like Disney wanted it. They reset the Extended Universe and created a blank slate…meaning all the books and comics I read, all the time spent on Wookiepedia was all for naught. My favorite characters don’t exist anymore, my favorite stories are now a legend…I was hurt in a way I can’t describe. Then they made it worse because they started putting out new stuff, I.E. the show Rebels and it was just ruining the old EU setup even more.

Long story short, books saved me from stepping back. I picked up A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller, which features Kanan and Hera from the show Rebels. I had one mission, I was going to force myself to try it out and if I could make it through the book and not want to destroy something I’d move forward from there. Well…I ended up loving it.

My boyfriend started listening to the audiobooks at the same time I read the new releases., which has created a whole new level of enjoyment I didn’t have before when I was reading and learning everything on my own. We know the same amount now, we can quote things back and forth, and have actual discussions as the new material comes out.

We’ve read through nearly all of the new books at this point, (one left!) and gobbled up as many of the comics as we can afford to. And now, we have a new movie.

Of course, we’re trying to be reserved about it…it could very well suck. But have you SEEN the trailers? There is a giant female chrome stormtrooper and I’m driving the bandwagon

It’s bound to have things I don’t like…like the fact that BB-8 exists (I have a problem with any droid that’s not R2 and C3P0) and the crossguard blades on Kylo’s lightsaber. BUT as with the originals and the prequels, it’s not about those small things…it’s about the richness of the story and for me those few badass characters that spark the imagination.

So what are some things I hope to see in the movie? Spoiler free list! I don’t expect all of them to be in the movie but a girl can hope.

  • Rae Sloane – A human female in A New Dawn, three short stories, and Aftermath
  • Ciena Ree – A human female in Lost Stars
  • Thane Kyrell – A human male in Lost Stars
  • Mighty Oak Apocalypse (M.O.A.) – A ship from Lost Stars
  • Lohgarra – A Wookie female in Lost Stars
  • Ahsoka – A female Togruta from Rebels (Tv) and Clone Wars (Tv)
  • Any of the Characters from Rebels or connected to them, i.e. children, apprentices, etc.
  • More than 5 Jedi – I don’t like Jedi on principle, but I want them to have an order again…because things get really interesting when you have more than one or two.
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