Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I’d Ask a Book Genie For


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Alright Genie, wake up! I have some wishes for you to take care of,

  • A Library in My House – So I don’t own my own place yet, and even when we do get one I doubt there will be an extra room with no use. So my biggest wish is to have a room devoted to nothing but all of our books. The shelves will be tall, with a cozy window reading nook, and plenty of geeky shelf decorations.
  • The Ability to Read a Book Instantly – I wouldn’t do this with most books I read, but it would definitely come in handy for those times a book is dragging on, is boring, or one of those books that I want to read but can never find time for.
  • For J.K. Rowling to Write Another HP Book – I actually don’t want another Harry Potter book, but instead another book set in the same world. It can be a different time period or centered around a character only mentioned in passing, it could even be a book about Madam Pomfrey’s life. ANYTHING!
  • For People to Stop Giving Me the “He’s a Bully” speech, every time I mention my favorite book character is Severus Snape –  I KNOW he’s a bully…I get it…I really freaking do. I don’t have to like who he is to understand him and love him. I like him because he’s flawed, I don’t get why it’s such an issue. Even people who love Bellatrix get less flak that Snape…At least I didn’t say Umbridge.
  • To Have Money for My Bookish Tattoo Ideas – Tattoos are expensive when done right, a-nd I really wish I had the money for it. I want a few Harry Potter tattoos and a few normal book tattoos, but I need all the money first.

  • To Be Able To Read a Book A Day – If I couldn’t get the instantaneous wish I’d at least want my reading speed and more importantly my concentration to be able to easily handle reading a book in a day. I actually can read a whole book in one sitting if I read at my actual reading speed, however I’ve found that my reading speed and my attention span/ability to sit still do not match up at all.
  • For My Novels to Edit and Revise Themselves – The whole reason I’ve never published anything is purely because of my burning hatred of editing my own work. I start editing it and my anxiety skyrockets, suddenly I feel like I would if I’d suddenly been dropped into a stadium full of people, naked and expected to sing the national anthem. I’m not even exaggerating, I feel like digging a hole and burying myself alive instead of editing my own stuff.
  • To Not Be a Mood Reader – There are some really cool people out there who can read whatever they want, whenever…without having to worry about not being the mood for whatever genre or length. I’m definitely a mood reader. I’lls tart all kinds of books but if it’s not the specific genre I’m in the mood for it takes me ages to get into them or finish them.
  • To Have a Ton of Money to Buy Books –  Book buying is expensive now, and if I can’t get them free or used I usually don’t buy books. That means new releases are no longer new by the time I usually get to them, which sort of sucks.
  • To Have More Reading Friends/Family – I would love to have more people in my actual life to read so I can talk with them about it. I have managed to get my boyfriend into reading in the last year and it’s been amazing, so now I’m sort of addicted to having someone to read books with.

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21 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I’d Ask a Book Genie For

  1. ChrissiReads says:

    Great list 🙂 So many of us want more time to read. There’s just not enough time for the amazing books out there.

  2. I am completely a mood reader, too! A perfectly good book can be ruined for me if I read it when I’m just not in the mood for that genre or type of story. I’d also like more money, bookworm friends, and a few of the other things you mentioned. And I don’t like Snape, but I do get what you’re saying because one of my favorite characters is really not a good person, and all the other reviews talk about how much they hate him, but loving a character is about so much more than that sometimes. Here’s my TTT!

  3. I love your wish to be able to read a book in a day. Good one!
    My TTT

  4. Trish says:

    Fun list! I’d love another Harry Potter related book too, I miss having new stories set there. My biggest wish would be more time to read and an limitless book budget!

  5. Briana says:

    That’s people’s criticism of Snape? He’s a bully? I think he’s kind of overrated because, even if it turned out he was doing good things, it wasn’t really for the right reasons. I mean, I guess he was a bully in his youth, but I can’t hold everything against him. :p

    • Well it’s a more PG version of what they usually say, lol. He does treat Neville and Harry like crap, more so than he ever should given that he’s an adult and they are kids. I like him because he wasn’t trying to be a hero and his reasons were selfish, it’s rare you see a character so flawed placed in a position like he was.

  6. rosemawrites says:

    A library in my house and a toooon of money to buy books is in my wishlist too! 😀 But wishing to have more reading friends is a great idea indeed! 😀
    BTW, here’s my 10 bookish wishes!

  7. Great list! I’d love a library in my house, and I agree that I’d love to see another book in the HP universe; I’d really like to read a book about the Four Founders, actually. 🙂

  8. readerbuzz says:

    I mostly wish for the latter…I wish the world was more of a reading world.

    Here’s what I wish the Book Genie would grant to me.

  9. Greg says:

    I’d like to have a library too, and unlimited book buying budget. That would be nice…

  10. Snape is the best! Draco too. Slytherin bad boys all the way! Honestly, James Potter was an ass, and I truly believe Snape should have been with Lily instead. That’s why I included them in my TTT:

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