Product Review: Creative Fiasco – Zelda Triforce Collar


So a while back I was looking to order a new collar for my dog, and stumbled upon Creative Fiasco, which was a small etsy shop with a few really geeky collars for dogs and cats…and fell in love. I placed an order after following her on instgram for a few months and I wanted to share her with everyone else as well.

She does collars, leashes, harnesses, and even custom figures and keychains. She also works closely with her models that she changes up every few months to put out new designs and ideas. She has a wide variety of collar sizes and has added metal buckle options as well as martingale options.


Photo Credit: Sabra at Creative Fiasco

I ordered a large 1″ Tri-force collar in black with the plastic buckle for Leia, because Zelda is one of my favorite game franchises and I thought the black and gold fabric would look great on Leia’s blonde fur.


I was definitely right! The color really stands out against her fur, and to top it off it doesn’t show dirt as much as her old one did.

The fabric is a very thick and sturdy canvas blend, that she had printed here in the US. So it hold up to Leia’s rough playing and constant running really well, and it’s really easy to clean as well. All you have to do is put it in the washing machine on gentle, or in a pillow case and it’s back to being clean! Canvas typically feels sort of rough but the fabric she uses actually feels really smooth and soft on the skin, so I don’t have to worry about it irritating her neck any.


The shipping was also rather quick and I received it within a week form when I ordered it, though I do live rather close to her so that does factor in to the shorter wait time. Overall I’m very pleased with the collar as is Leia, who is a big fan of anything she can wear.

I do plan to place another order from her in the future, I have my eye on a Harry Potter themed collar.

4.5 Stars

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1 Response to Product Review: Creative Fiasco – Zelda Triforce Collar

  1. Fantastic fine. It is always wonderful to find something unique and made well. I would want the Harry Potter for my pet as well 🙂

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