Product Review: Marvel Collector Corps – August 2015


We have officially gone subscription box crazy! Loot Crate, Fandom of the Month Club, and now Marvel Collector Corp!

Marvel Collector Corps is a bimonthly subscription box service designed in partnership by Marvel and Funko. Created especially for the avid Marvel fan, each box delivers 100% exclusive premium collectibles, apparel, and accessories created by Funko, shipped directly from the Marvel Universe to your doorstep. Each box is themed specifically around a major Marvel event, Marvel characters and Marvel stories with collectors in mind.

Sign Up/Cancel Options

Signing up for the Collector Corps is pretty easy. You simply pick the plan best fit for you: Hero Program or Collector Program (more on that below), pick your shirt size, add it to your cart and fill out the info.

Canceling is easy and tedious at the same time. You need to cancel at least 15 days prior to the billing date, which is the 1st of each second month. What I assume this means is if you cancel 13 days to the bill date, you’re going to be charged for that next shipment and then it will be canceled. But it is as simple as hitting the cancel button once you login it and go to your account page.


 So you have two options for pricing, we went with bi-monthly payment which is $25 with an added $6.95 for shipping. It doesn’t appear that you’ll be saving any money with the Hero level pricing, but you do get an annual additional gift when your subscription anniversary comes up. Each box does contain at least $50 in items, so you’re only paying for half of them, and it seems that a shirt, pin, patch, and an exclusive pop figure come in each box no matter what.

Collector: Bi-Monthtly Box – $25

Hero: 12 Month Subscription (6 boxes) + 1 Anniversary Gift – $150



This box is beyond sturdy. I’ve heard that some people have had issues with it being crushed, but honestly it had to have been crushed by something pretty big to damage it. Plus it has the cool flap once you open it, that has the pin and path attached and blocks the view of the contents of the box.

What’s in the Box?!

This month’s theme was…



The collectible pin and patch for this month’s, both are pretty cool and pretty well made.



OMG how freaking adorable is this?! Tiny Pop avengers! Plus it has Thor on it, so WIN!

Comic Book


I’m pretty stoked about this as well. I love collecting Thor and Loki stuff, and I’ve purchased many of the comic books they are currently in as I can. So I’m happy to add this variant to the shelf.

Miles Morales Spiderman Pop

IMG_3396 IMG_3400

Again, YES! I’m not the biggest spiderman fan, but I really do love the different versions of the hero and Miles is definitely one of the coolest to use the name. Plus look how epic it looks, I’m always a fan of a spidersuit. The paint job is perfect as well, so that’s an even bigger plus.


Secret Wars Thor Pop 

IMG_3397 IMG_3399

*cue high pitch screams and muppet flailing* When we were talking about what could be in the box, I named both Miles and the current Thor… and I got both!! I’m not even ashamed at how excited I was to see this. She looks amazing! The details are awesome and the paint job is perfect.

Final Verdict

SO MUCH YES! If you are a fan of Funko Pops and Marvel, then I don’t even understand why you’re questioning the decision to try this box out. I think it’s a good deal. Most Pops sell for about $10 normal price, and Exclusives sell for about $12 to $20 depending on where you’re buying and what size. Plus the pin and patch exclusive to the box, the t-shirt (est. $18) which I think is also exclusive, and the chance of an exclusive variant comic book. So you are definitely getting your money’s worth. I really hope the boyfriend wants to do the next month, because I need more of this in my life.

5 stars

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2 Responses to Product Review: Marvel Collector Corps – August 2015

  1. I got the first ever Collector Corps box but cancelled because I wasn’t that interested in Antman or Secret Wars, plus our AUD is really crap at the moment so it’s really, really expensive. Loved the review, so glad you’re happy with your new exclusive pops! Love the fem Loki.

    • I can only imagine the shipping cost for you…The shipping is the one thing about this box I utterly hate and I’m in the US. I actually can’t stand Secret Wars…but I saw Thor on the box and flipped out. AND to make it even better my boyfriend decided to sign me up for a year as an early Christmas present. I have my fingers crossed for this next box, I have a few Villains I’d love to have.

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