Audiobook Review: Clutch of the Demon by A.P. Jensen

contentwarningclutchSource: Audiobook Blast – I received this in exchange for an honest review.
Publisher: –
Series: Cursed Ancients #1
Narrator: Beth Stewart
Edition: Audiobook, 7 Hours and 45 Minutes
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble
Rating: 4/5 Stars

A dark, erotic spin on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairytale… Cara is a demon hunter. When she interrupts a chain of events orchestrated by a master demon, he punishes Cara by infecting her younger sister with a fatal disease. Time is running out. Desperate for a cure, Cara hears a whisper of a mystical being trapped beneath stone that may be able to help her for a price…

Clutch of the Demon is quickly paced paranormal fantasy with a lot of steamy sex and an extremely promising story line. As the summary suggests it is a fun little twist on the typical Beauty and the Beast trope, where we get a dragon and a very feisty demon huntress.

When the story starts we are placed in the middle of Cara’s quest to find a way to save her sister, and we get to see right away that she’s a woman with a lot of determination and resources. Cara is a demon hunter with lots of tricks up her sleeves and a fiercely independent streak that matches up nicely with Aodhan’s. They butt heads a lot in this because of how strong they are on their own, and they have to work to figure out a dynamic that works for both of them and I really appreciated the time the author took to explore that. There are also plenty of steamy scenes that start towards the middle of the book that helped balance out and progress the storyline, giving us time to get to know about Aodhan’s past, and how demons can turn basic desires into something all consuming. Of course it’s not all about Cara and her relationship with Aodhan, in fact there is a rather rich story to be had surrounding Cara’s parentage and the demons who are plaguing humanity. I enjoyed the time spent building up Cara’s secret and was really curious about who the other Ancients are and what role they my play in future events.

The audio version of this book is really fantastic. Beth Stewart really brought out the personality in each character and kept the pace going even through some of the slower spots.

I’m glad I took the chance on this one. I haven’t read a paranormal romance in a while and I really missed how fun they can be. If you love reading steamy paranormal books with kick butt females then this is worth checking out for sure.

4 stars

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