Read Play Blog: Game Characters I Relate To


Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

Sorry this is so late! My brain has been in a fog and I didn’t realize I was missing the post until midnight.

This week’s topic is…

Video Game Characters I Relate To

I have a tough time relating to a lot of characters be it in reading or video games…most of the time I see tiny bits of myself in some characters, but never the full combination mixed perfectly.

I tried to pick characters who value intelligence and prefer solitude or control…but the other traits vary on just how prominent they are. They all have a darker layer as well from dark humor to a willingness to do what is needed even when it’s less than desirable.

Morrigan from the Dragon Age franchise – She’s intelligent, enjoys her solitude, fluent in sarcasm, and gets frustrated with other people really quickly. She’s also one of the more grumpy and darker hero characters too, which I totally get.

GlaDOS from Portal – There is no denying Glados is a bit…twisted. But I get her. She’s a mess. She’s anti-social, she’s had to deal with crazy people to the point where she’s a bit crazy herself, her personality is comprised of smaller little personalities that if out of balance could basically stop her from functioning correctly (hello depression, anxiety, and anger/stress management). Granted I don’t want to make people run through tests where they might inevitably die, but I do like knowledge and experiments and I definitely like cake.

Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect – She’s quiet, not overly use to being social, curious to a fault, and huge lover of history. Plus she goes to some pretty steep means to gain information. I really get her insecurity too

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My tv stopped working this month, from what I assume is under use because I didn’t turn it on as much as a normal person does…so that’s the only solution I can think of.

I’m also not playing anything on the laptop because my laptop stopped connecting to the internet in July, and I’m using my boyfriend’s laptop…possibly indefinitely, but I haven’t downloaded anything else.

Such is life…

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1 Response to Read Play Blog: Game Characters I Relate To

  1. Oh wow, what a cool meme! I’m not a gamer but I think it’s an awesome idea that totally makes sense. Sorry to hear your TV and laptop stopped working. Yikes. =(

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