Top Ten Tuesday: My Auto-Buy Authors


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I don’t have a lot of auto-buy authors mostly because buying books is such a rare thing for me and to become and auto-buy you have to absolutely floor me.

  • J.K. Rowling – It goes without saying Harry Potter is basically life to me, but I’ve really enjoyed her Strike novels as well.
  • Brandon Sanderson – Elantris was absolutely perfect, and so far all of the other novels I’ve read from him have also been perfection.

Yep, 2 authors! I bet that seems sort of dismal compared to others, but I’m super picky about who gets my attention, time, and money no matter what they produce.

Some of my previous auto-buy authors, who for whatever reason are not on the list anymore include:

Anne Rice , Rick Riordan, Sharon Creech, Cornelia Funke, and Gregory Maguire

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6 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: My Auto-Buy Authors

  1. Sadly for my wallet, this list could’ve been so much longer. The ten authors I chose were striking talents that I thought would appeal to a larger variety of readers. However, even now as I view my TTT List, there’s actually very little deviation among what these authors write.

    Ha… well we have one author in common. Care to wager which one it is? J/K. Hint. Hint. Happy Reading!

  2. proxyfish says:

    Well that’s two authors that also made my list! Quality over quantity right? My TTT

  3. Dawnie says:

    I completely understand why you “only” have two authors. I have Rowling on my list as well, even though i technically don’t actually have auto-buy authors, but more authors that i look into what they come out with and see if it is something i like.
    But i love that you are honest in saying that you had more and now “only” have two. 🙂

  4. Ah yes… Sanderson. Everyone is on my case about reading some Sanderson. I have a novella, but I do not recall the title. It might even be an audiobook now that I think about it. I will have to go and look because if it is an audiobook I am likely to “read” it sooner. If JKR was still writing HP books I definitely would have her on auto-buy, although I probably would still be going to the Barnes and Noble midnight release parties.I loved A Casual Vacancy, but I haven’t read the other two books because I don’t care for mysteries. 🙂

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