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This Week’s Topic is…

What geek conventions have you been to or would like to attend?

I’ve only been to one convention, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and I’ve been to it twice but I didn’t take any photos while I was there. However it was a lot of fun with a  ton of vendors and cool cosplays. Both times I didn’t get to cosplay, though I did buy a kimono during my first visit and then after buying two wall scrolls, a few dvds, and food I couldn’t afford the obi to go with it. (fail) My friend ran around as Inuyasha, and the rest of us spent the afternoon having fun in normal clothes.

Con Bucket List

1. Dragon Con

Dragon Con is one of the larger all around geek conventions in the US, and it’s one of those that everyone tells you need to go to. Seeing as a live an hour away from where it’s hosted you’d think I’d have been there by now, but nope! They have a parade, tons of panels, tons of signings, and plenty of stuff to go broke over.

2. Wizard World Comic Con

Wizard World is another big one, but not as big as Dragon Con. It’s one of the few cons we get in Atlanta and it’s on my list!

3. Momo Con

Momo Con is another  all around geek convention, which is awesome because I love looking at all of my fandoms at once. My wallet hates it but it’s nice to be able to see Captain America running around with Kirito. They have meet ups at the local Aquarium and even tons of voice actors to chat with.

Currently Playing

Still playing ESO! Which is not at all surprising since it’s a trumped up Elder Scrolls game and I’m not even half way through it thanks to all the side quests, dungeons to clear, and areas to complete. I’m only a level 19 right now, and I’ve only made it to the second map for the Dominion which is Grahtwood.

Playing as a Khajiit is an experience in itself. I’ve always loved the race, but I have to say I really hate the racism that comes with it. I mean who could hate a race of cat people? Apparently everyone who isn’t on the normal end of subjugation. One of the first quests I did during Beta was a Skooma lab explosion. The funny thing is I was in chat with my boyfriend and was talking about how Khajiit are not all thieving drug addicts, and then we walked up on the farm we were headed to and saw this…

I immediately started cursing, meanwhile my boyfriend was laughing his butt off because we both knew it was a burned down Skooma lab…If you have fur or scales, you can’t win in this game.

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3 Responses to Read Play Blog: Geek Conventions

  1. Hooray for still enjoying ESO 🙂 and oh yeah I would love love to go to Dragon Con too

  2. Christy says:

    There are so many conventions. The only ones I can think of that I’ve been to are tattoo cons. Oh wait, I attended some craft convention with my friend’s mom when I was younger – lol. And I guess gun conventions. I used to attend a lot of things like that revolving around horse tack and stuff. I guess I’ve been to more than I thought. But not really considered geeky. 😀

  3. Loool Elder Scrolls Online sounds so much fun! It’s kind of sad but funny that you have to deal with racism as a cat person XD Wow, you have lots of different varied conventions there!

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