Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Hyped Books I’ve Never Read



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  • Uglies by Scott Westerfeld – I owned this for a long time and never had the desire to read it, despite a ton of people tell me I MUST. Quickest way to keep me from reading something is to tell me I NEED/MUST read something.
  • Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead – Everyone who knows me knows I adore vampire books…and then they became super super popular and everyone started pressuring me to read stuff. This was one of them. Still haven’t picked it up.
  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater – I have a ton of love for Maggie as a person, and I’ve read and loved Scorpio Races and Shiver. I plan to read this one sometime this month.

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29 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Hyped Books I’ve Never Read

  1. The Book Thief took a while for me to get into as well. And honestly, you aren’t really missing by not reading Uglies…I didn’t find it that great either! The Winner’s Curse made my list this week!
    Jennifer @ A Librarian’s Library

  2. y311er says:

    I have only read one of those. And trust me, you aren’t missing anything by not reading Vampire Academy. It was dull. Don’t even fret about not reading it. I haven’t read another one in the series.

  3. Dang you have some amazing books to read! I adore The Raven Boys and Vicious. Quite a few of these were not worth the hype but worth the read, if you know what I mean.

    My TTT overlapped yours a tiny bit.

  4. Lucy says:

    I almost put Vicious on my list too, and we have Station Eleven in common. VA/Bloodlines are fun series. Outlander is good but sooo long! I’m taking a break with those after four books.

  5. Great list! To be honest I’ll tell you the opposite: stay away from Uglies (if you want to) because personally I thought it was really poorly written. At one point Westerfeld genuinely spends about a paragraph describing pepper going up the protagonist’s nose and making her sneeze. It’s thrilling stuff. -_-

    The Raven Boys and Vampire Academy made my list this week, too, and I also have a copy of Station Eleven on my shelf. So much to read! I understand what you mean about The Book Thief; I love it, but I think the narrator takes some getting used to. I read To Kill a Mockingbird for the very first time last month and really enjoyed it. Like you I never had to read it in school and I never wanted to pick it up because so many people were telling me that I should, so I finally started reading it at a time when I knew I had no expectations whatsoever, and honestly I thought it was amazing. 🙂

    • I definitely think that not having the pressure to read something makes it much better than when someone is expecting it of you. I’ll probably wait a little while longer before I pick up any of these, just to let the “this book is a MUST” die down a bit.

      Yeah…I’m thinking I’m going to skip out on the Uglies. So many people are saying the same thing.

  6. So Uglies was way too much hype for me. I didn’t like the series at all. I never read the 4th book, which I heard was more of a stand alone, anyway, since it’s from a different character’s POV. I just didn’t get the hype when I read it. Loved The Winner’s Curse. That’s one you need to read! Haven’t read The Raven Boys, though I’ve heard good things. And I read the first 100 pages of Vicious as a sampler (before I knew not to do such things) and still haven’t finished! Oh and Vampire Academy. I keep meaning to start that but just never get around to it.

  7. Sue Holmes says:

    Vampire Academy is on my list too. I did like To Kill and Mocking Bird and The Book Thief though. The Book Thief movie follows the book really closely so try it instead… OMG I can’t believe I just advised someone to see the movie instead of reading the book! MyTTT

  8. Emalie says:

    I’ve only read VA and I’m in possession of The Raven Boys. I’m not sure if I want to read the Winner’s Curse, since I’m not quite sure I would like this. I’m not really interested in the other ones ;). Great list!
    My TTT this week

  9. Angie F. says:

    I’ve read half of these! I was actually surprised by how much I loved The Raven Boys, although I didn’t like the second one much, then really enjoyed the third.

    Vampire Academy is my favorite! Well, not specifically the first book, but the series in general. I’ve read them all twice! 😀

    The Winner’s Curse is super over-hyped in my opinion. I liked it, but it really was not as great as everyone is making it out to be. I didn’t see anything special about it.

  10. Danica Page says:

    TKAMB and Book Thief were great. The Winner’s Curse is one I want to read.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Here’s my TTT

    My $30 giveaway ends soon so check it out.

  11. Danica Page says:

    The Book Thief and TKAMB were great.

    Here’s mine

    I’m also holding a giveaway for $30

  12. I have Outlander too, but haven’t gotten into it.

  13. Chrissy says:

    I’ve only read The Book Thief . . . and that was way before the hype!

  14. Book Thief and To Kill a Mockingbird are great. You’re not missing anything by not reading Uglies, honestly. Happy Reading!!

  15. danielaark says:

    you got a few books that are in my “can’t believe I haven’t read these yet” list too! Station Eleven, Raven Boys, Vampire Academy, Uglies. It seems we have similar taste in books 🙂

  16. Lauren Becker says:

    I really want to read Vicious. I liked I’ll Give You the Sun a ton, but yeah, you have to be in the rigt mood. I also really liked The Book Thief! As for To Kill a Mockingbird, I read it for school like most do, but it’s not a favorite of mine really.


  17. I haven’t read STATION ELEVEN either. As a matter of fact the only two books I have read that you have in your list are TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and THE BOOK THIEF.

    As for my list, I have NEVER read a Harry Potter book nor GIRL ON THE TRAIN or GONE GIRL.

    ENJOY your reading week.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog

  18. To Kill a Mockingbird has been my favorite book forever and a day! I saw the movie on a Saturday afternoon classic movie show at my grandmother’s, and then I borrowed the book from the library and read it before I had to read it in school. And yes, you need to read The Raven Boys! I adored it. 🙂

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