Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Books for the Rest of 2015


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  • Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl – Yay! I was afraid that Marvel had forgotten about doing more of these books since they sort of stopped after Rogue and She-Hulk.
  • Winter by Marissa Meyer – It’s all going to end with this one and I can’t wait to see what our awesome ladies do to end Levana
  • Untamed by A.G. Howard – I haven’t actually read any of the novellas for this series yet, so I’m really excited they are doing a hardcover with all of them in it.

  • Dark Disciple by Christie Golden –  If you watched the Clone Wars tv show then you know that Asajj Ventress is a complete badass, so this book is a MUST!
  • Aftermath by Chuck Wendig – This takes place after the 6th movie, and hopefully will give us an idea about what the Rebels were up to after the fall of the Emperor
  • Lost Stars by Claudia Gray – One of a few different YA Star Wars books coming out….YA STAR WARS! *nerdgasms*

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling (Illustrated Edition) – And last but most certainly not least, the Illustrated edition of Sorcerer’s Stone!
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17 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Books for the Rest of 2015

  1. ChrissiReads says:

    I am also looking forward to Untamed. It looks so good! 🙂 Those covers are stunning. I hope that you enjoy these books when they release.

  2. Jazmin Jade says:

    Winter! Oh my god the wait is literally killing me. I think I may have to go back and read the others again to kill some time. Great list 🙂

  3. thereviewdiaries says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the illustrated Harry Potter! ‘Six of Crows’ is on my list too, I can’t wait to read it. I love your choices!
    My TTT

  4. Angelica says:

    That Harry Potter illustrated looks really interesting. The cover of Untamed looks fantastic too 🙂


  5. pennma05 says:

    I’m SO looking forward to the illustrated Harry Potter! I pre-ordered it months ago and I can’t wait to see all of the illustrations and just re-read the series 🙂

  6. We share Riordan, Stohl, and Meyer! Great list!

    Check out my TTT and my Top Ten Favorite Characters Tag.

  7. I am so frickin excited for the illustrated Harry Potter book. That cover for untamed is beautiful.

    My TTT

  8. Greg says:

    Black Widow??? I had no idea- I am all over that. Favorite one I’ve seen today… I hope it’s good. And yes to the Norse gods- I haven’t read Riordan but I will when that comes out. And Aftermath- I’ve always been kinda curious what happened after Jedi, but never read much of the Star Wars EU. Since they’ve chucked it all apparently, I may have to read that to see what the “new” canon after Jedi is. Hope it doesn’t suck. LOL.

  9. Six of Crows and Untamed are our matches! I should probably get the illustrated Sorcerer’s Stone and get all of the illustrated series, so I have at least one different set. The first three books of our original series are too well loved. Lol.

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