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This month’s top is:

Gaming Set Up

I really wish I had one of those epic entertainment systems with all of my consoles nicely lined up in their own little cubbies, and shelves on either side with all the games I own. But I don’t…So I’m a bit disappointed in my lame gaming set up.

FullSizeRender (1)

I’ve had this cabinet…thing…since the 90’s and I long to get rid of it! Excuse the darkness…it’s hard to photograph anything in a yellow room (have I mentioned the yellow walls? Because they suck too, lol).

At the moment I have my 360 and Xbox One out, while the rest of my consoles are packed away. Below those is the cubby where I keep game guides I’m not using and my Disney Infinity characters. The top right cubby is where I keep my chargers, batteries, extra controllers, and handhelds (DS, PSP, and 3DS). The bottom right is the drawer where I keep my games for my unpacked systems.


And this is my full 360, DS and Xbone game library. I’m hoping that in a year or so I’ll have a place of my own and then I can put all of my games out.

Currently Playing

Still playing Neverwinter. I’m almost at the lvl 60 level cap, and I only have a few more maps to clear before I’m at the end of the game. At least until another update.

I finally have a copy of Black Flag thanks to the Games with Gold feature on Xbox! I love these free games so much. So far I’m really enjoying it and it’s serving to remind me why I adore this franchise so much, despite the mess with Unity. I also made sure to go back and finish AC3, which I never did.

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13 Responses to Read, Play, Blog: My Gaming Set Up

  1. lab1990 says:

    A friend of mine LOVES video games. I don’t think she has a great set up either though. I don’t play anything, but it’s always interesting to see what others are doing.


  2. Christy says:

    I haven’t played any games for so long. I kind of miss it.

  3. janceewright says:

    I’m actually really disappointed in Black Flag. The reason I started playing the AC games, and what defines them for me, is the parkour…running around cities carrying out assassination missions, climbing tall towers, exploring locations that intrigued me. AC III and IV – I’m just not great at naval combat, I don’t enjoy the hunting and crafting as much as I wish I did, and the stories don’t have the same urgency or historical curiosity to them. I’m excited about Unity and Syndicate though, sounds like they’ll be more of that original formula.

    • I spend a surprisingly amount of time running and climbing in Black Flag, especially now that I has a lot of fast travel spots open. I don’t mind the sailing portions, but I’m totally awful at naval combat too. It’s just a matter of avoiding fights you know you might lose.

      I think I understand though. Black Flag and III have something in common, they are both New World games. And the America’s are very spread apart and it takes more time getting places, sort of like AC I did. Personally I thought the history in both of them were pretty cool, but both are set in two of my favorite historical moments for the America’s so that might be why.

      I found Unity lacking to be honest. It has the history, and the gameplay down…but the storyline that I came to love (Precursors) is pretty much non-existent. But it was a lot of fun to see the key players in the French Revolution. I’m pretty excited about Syndicate, but I’m waiting a bit before I put too much enthusiasm into it. Unity sort of broke my heart to bits, it was such a mess when it came out. (Pretty much all of the bugs and issues have been resolved now though, so you’ll be good to go when you get to play it).

      • janceewright says:

        I followed the storyline pretty well throughout the Ezio games, but I really adore the gameplay and action portions. I’m not that far through Black Flag though, but I just got to the part where you have to scavenge something like 70 metal pieces through naval combat, and I’m just really terrible at combat. I’m going to finish it out, but then I want to move on.
        I’m actually pretty excited about Unity and Syndicate. From the looks of things, I’ll spend a lot of time with them. I’m debating whether or not to buy Rogue though – it looks like more naval stuff. 😦

      • From what my boyfriend says Rogue is basically Black Flag, but farther north. You’ll get to see a few characters from both Black Flag and III, so they do link together. But I haven’t had the chance to play it yet.
        I know exactly what mission you’re talking about…I died like 5 times, lol. Once you get past that though, most of those scavenging things come at your own prerogative. The only things I’d say you just can’t avoid are the storyline missions, which there haven’t been a lot compared to on foot ones, and the naval forts. But I get what you mean, I struggled through III. The storyline was pretty good, but I hated Connor and I hated the amount of chases I had to do. I just finished it last week, after putting it down for over a year.

      • janceewright says:

        That makes me feel better that I get to pick and choose mostly after this. The parts in which I get to go inland are so good and fun, and I’m even starting to enjoy hunting and crafting, but the combat kills me.

  4. Ana says:

    Your gaming set up is so much better than mine, which is basically just my laptop. 😛 Also, Disney Infinity! 😀

  5. Awww your gaming set up isn’t lame at all, I like how everything is accessible in one place! I didn’t post my console setup, because I never touch my Xbox 260 or PS3, except to stream videos on my TV lol.

    • It is pretty accessible. I just really want one of those square cubby bookshelves, so I can put a console in each little space without having to move everything around. And more HDMI ports for the TV so I can stop unplugging and plugging things in, lol. Dreams!!

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