Let’s Play: Super Dungeon Explore – Forgotten King Review

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super-dungeon-forgotten-king-box-topSource: Purchased/Backed the Kickstarter
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Rating: 3.5/5

In Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King, players explore the Fae Wood, home of the Kodama, sentient forest spirits with a taste for adventuring Heroes. Wisps lure Heroes into ensnaring traps as terrifying, man-eating plants sprout from the loamy forest floor to devour them. Continue into the Lordship Ruins where the once proud bramble knights, now corrupted and twisted into servants of the Dark Consul, stalk the stony ruins for any who would defile their lord’s holdfast. Don’t get too close to the trees, though, as we hear the squirrels are in an ill mood.

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King includes five new Heroes to brave the depths, including the Thundervale Huntress, Fae Alchemist, Tusk Tribe Shaman, and the brave Questing Knight. Each lends a new dynamic to gameplay and your strategy to conquer the Forgotten King and his minions. Forgotten King contains two play modes: Classic Mode, in which someone controls the dungeon and its monsters while everyone else takes the roles of the plucky heroes, or Arcade Mode, which allows for a fully co-operative game for up to five players.

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King is a incredibly involved co-operative tile based game, that includes a ton of miniature sculpts and a ton of cards. I can say right away that this is not a game for those looking for an easy to grasp game or prefer games that go by quickly…because this game doesn’t come close to either of those descriptions.


Our group has only played this game about 3 times, each time easier & harder. One player plays as the Consul and controls the enemies of the game (which they also choose). The others play as the heroes, which are fairly varied in skills and attacks, and work against the Consul in order to clear the dungeon and beat the final boss.

Pros: The sculpts for the heroes and even the enemies are pretty awesome, and for the more artistic the perfect mediums for painting. I also love the set of the game board as a whole, and how you can pick and choose where the rooms go on the table making it easy for a bit of level customization. It’s fantastic for co-operative strategies as well. We actually had a fairly awesome team the last time we played, and a few lucky accidents made one of our characters even tougher. A ton of loot & treasure cards make each time a guessing game on what you might pull after defeating a monster. This game can also be combined with the original Super Dungeon Explore adding in more tiles, more heroes, and more enemies to play against. You can also purchase different heroes and their stat cards individually through the company if you want to try something new.

Cons: There are a ton of rules…like so many that each time we played we managed to screw something up to the point where it made the game either easier or harder than intended. There are a ton of little extras to remember like: this item prevents fire, this effect does this, this skill works in this shape, etc. It takes around 45 minutes minimum to play through, which wouldn’t be a problem if it were an intense game…but there is a lot of plotting and discussion and it can get tedious when someone loses interest half way through. It’s not easy to teach and not ‘new player’ friendly at all, there is a learning curve and it’s going to take a while before anyone can just remember everything…unless they are blessed with an excellent memory for such things. It’s expensive, so go check out a “watch it played” video on youtube before committing.

Overall: I think it’s a fun game, despite it’s numerous negatives. It’s nice to have a game where not everyone at the table is against each other, or all working together. I think the whole dynamic is really cool and I enjoy the strategy involved. I would say that if you’re just looking for a game to pass some time with this might not be the best choice, but if you love a dungeon crawl with plenty of enemies then take a look at it.

3.5 stars

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2 Responses to Let’s Play: Super Dungeon Explore – Forgotten King Review

  1. Sounds like a fun dungeon crawler, it reminds me of Heroes Quest back in the day. I enjoyed playing those games with my brothers, but there seems to be a steep learning curve to this one. Thanks for the review – look forward to seeing more Let’s Play!

  2. Josh says:

    I just played a game last night, 4 Heroes, 1 Dark Consul (me), and 5 Players.. none of us have played before (this or old edition) and played Classic Style… and yeah… too slow between various player turns… after they killed the first Spawning Point and summoned Trent the Treant Mini-boss, it was basically 11 “turns” before a player would get to move his Hero again… I think that either having only 3 Players, with 2 Players running 2 Heroes each, would work well.. or I really want to try Arcade Style where the Dark Consul is run by AI rules, a card deck, and the mechanics change to where little minions are basically ablative armor for the Elites… might be more engrossing for the players as there is more to do when it “isn’t their turn”…

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