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I was tagged by Jess over at Curiouser & Curiouser to the do the Classic Books Tag! I use to read more classic novels than anything else in high school, and I’ve missed them. So this seems like fun!

An Overhyped Classic You Didn’t Like

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald – Read it in a single afternoon, hated every single minute of it. I get it…I really do. The American dream, the green light being what you want most, Daisy and all that. But honestly I just wanted to throw the damn thing. I found the writing tedious.

Favorite Time Period to Read About

As far as classic novels go I enjoy books that came out during the Victorian era, most of which are set in Victorian times.

Favorite Fairy Tale

Beauty and the Beast – The original fairy tale is actually a little less Stockholm Syndrome-y  than the Disney movie. I can’t wait for the live-action movie!

Most Embarrassing Unread Classic

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen – It seems like everyone has read this one…but not me! I haven’t read a single Austen book.

Top 5 Classics You’d Like to Read Soon

I would like to to get to these this year, though it’s slightly unlikely. I have the complete fiction of H.P. Lovecraft that I’ve already started. I have a the complete works of Shakespeare as well, and I have about half of the plays to get through.. I own the ebooks of the other three.

Favorite Modern Book/Series Based on Classic

Alias Hook

Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen – I listened to the audiobook of this earlier in the year and LOVED it! It’s based on Peter Pan but centers around Captain Hook and his role in the world of Neverland.

Favorite Classic Adaptation

Ever After – I know this isn’t a pure adaptation of Cinderella, but it’s one of my favorite movies ever. There are ton of others I could have chosen but this one is the one that I can watch every single time I see that it’s on with no complaint.

Least Favorite Adaptation

Beowulf is an epic, action filled, pure Norse tale and this film was just…boring. The whole animated quality was different…but it just looked odd in the end.

Favorite Editions of Classics You’d Like to Collect More of

The Barnes & Noble leatherbound editions are among the only books I collect. They are gorgeous, sturdy and look absolutely amazing on the shelf. I have 5 already, but I would love the three pictured above to go with the others.

An Underhyped Classic You’d Recommend to Everyone

The Sphinx by Edgar Allan Poe – I never knew about this short story until after I purchased a big book of his work in high school. It’s not overly creepy, and it’s sort of goofy but it’s a fun read nonetheless.

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5 Responses to Reading & Ranting: Classic Books Tag

  1. Yes about The Great Gatsby! I hated that book and didn’t like the movie either. Never understood why so many people rave about it, but to each their own I guess. Hope you’re able to read Pride & Prejudice one of these days, as that was always my favorite Austen book. And loved Ever After! I never tire of watching that one either. Great post!

  2. Briana says:

    I hate The Great Gatsby, too. And I’m never quite sure whether to believe people who tell me they love it. 😛

    I also haven’t read Pride and Prejudice!

  3. Somehow I’ve only just seen this – obviously I’m just rubbish. But yay, you did it!

    Yes, finally! -high fives- It’s so good to know someone else who doesn’t think The Great Gatsby is the best novel that’s ever been written. I just loathe it.

    I haven’t read any H. G. Wells or H. P. Lovecraft, but they’re both authors I’d really like to get to! And if it makes you feel any better I’m not the biggest fan of Jane Austen, so personally I don’t think you’re missing much. 😉 I do love a bit of Shakespeare, though, although I think they’re much more fun to watch than they are to read. I kind of hate Hamlet after having to study it so much – plus Hamlet’s such a whiny little thing – but I do love Macbeth. 😀

    Great answers! ^_^

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