Saturday Issue Review: Loki Vol. 2 – I Cannot Tell A Lie



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1400986_fulSource: Purchased in individual issues. 
 Loki: Agent of Asgard # 6 – 10
 Individual Issues, 112 pages
 Graphic Novel 
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Rating: 3.5/5

The March to AXIS continues! Loki’s back from the Tenth Realm – and facing his greatest challenge yet! Can you say Doctor Doom? But with Valeria Richards in the mix, who’s the hero of this story…and who’s the villain? Loki soon learns that Doom has sentenced him to death for the crimes of his future self! But with the Red Skull drowning Doom, Latveria and the entire world in a wave of unstoppable telepathic hate, will there even be a future left to save? It’s a fantastic new jumping-on point for the series that fans literally can’t get enough of! Grab it while stocks last, true believer!


This set of issues had me worried that Loki was doomed to become a companion piece for the rest of the main cast and I didn’t enjoy it as much because of that.

The AXIS event was well underway during most of this one, and as a result Loki was doing a bunch of stuff related to the main story but not in direct correlation to it. We did get some pretty interesting info on what was going on during the Road to AXIS issues…but it didn’t start picking back up till towards the end when Loki finds himself becoming a doer of good deeds. As much as I hate Scarlet Witch I will admit she does make some things pretty interesting by adding tension in a place you don’t expect…granted Loki and Thor don’t need anymore tension, and the fact that Loki was doing pretty alright for himself before it kind of made me hate the whole storyline in general…but whatever. I won’t mention some of the cooler sections of this one for fear of spoilers but I really loved the direction the volume went in towards the end and the repercussions of it.

One of my favorite things about this run is the absolutely war Loki is having against himself. He has so much guilt and so much fear, and nearly all of it has to do with who was, is, and will be. Loki’s greatest enemy is Loki in this one, and it’s both heartbreaking and somewhat genius the lengths he is willing to go to.

The art is still really good for the most part, and I do think that the strongest portion of this is the conversations. I just hope that the next set of issues picks up and the focus is back on Loki as an individual as opposed to Loki playing along the same lines as others.

3.5 stars


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