Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Problems


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1. I can’t DNF a book. Some people call it dedication, other call it patience…I call it a compulsion I would really rather do without. It literally bugs me to leave a book unfinished if I get past a certain point. Usually that point is about 50 pages, or three chapters.

2. No space. I’m pretty sure everyone who buys books on the regular has this issue. I’ve been a master at figuring out how to place my books on the shelf to reach maximum capacity which I have also used at the bookstore.

3. “You don’t need more books.”  Yeah? Well you don’t need more clothes, shoes, or air…

4. A TBR big enough to occupy a dozen people for quite a few years. My shelves are full of books I haven’t read, my kindle is pretty much overrun with ebooks I haven’t looked twice and and I still want more.

5. Not having reader friends. No one in my persona life reads like I do. They might read a book or so a year, and that’s about it. So I’m pretty much on my on when it comes to this particular hobby.

6. Price Stickers. I know they are necessary…I use them. But holy hell if you don’t stop putting these ultra sticky stickers on my books I’m going to destroy something…

7. Stress Buying. When I’m stressed out I do two things: eat more and shop. Most of the time that shopping never goes past putting things in a cart and then closing the window. But when it does…good luck mailman! I also One-Click freebies on Amazon like a fiend when I’m stressed out.

8. Book Recommendations. I’m actually the kind of person who hate giving and receiving book recommendations. I rarely ever ask for someone to recommend me a book, and I really hate it when a customer asks me to find a book I enjoyed. My reading tastes are vast, and I’m horribly picky about what I pick up (because I don’t DNF).  I prefer to read reviews and add books that way.

9. “What are you reading right now?” I don’t mind this question on the internet that much, because typing it out is easy…but holy crap when someone asks me in real life I panic. I read about 4 or 5 books at once, and I know they don’t want to know all of the titles…so which one do I pick? I end up telling them all of them, and then they never ask me again. *shrugs*

10. Loaning out books. I hate it…loathe it…don’t want to do it. I have had so many books never come back to me or come back in such a poor condition I almost told them to keep it.

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7 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Problems

  1. #10 is a big one for me. Also 1-9

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh, yes. I feel you on 2-6!

    Check out my TTT and my newest giveaway.

  3. Yep! I hadn’t thought about the “What are you reading now” question when asked in real life. I do tend to shorten the answer because if I started listing out all the books I’m currently reading I think I’d scare people!

  4. THE PRICE STICKERS! Oh the horror!!!

  5. Totally with you on the price stickers!!! they make the book look so cheap!!!

  6. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads) says:

    UUUUGH YESSSS I HATE PRICE STICKERS. If you’re gonna put them on the book, don’t make them so goddam sticky and please put them on the back <.<

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