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This month’s topic is:

Which video game character would you take on a date for Valentine’s day?

My first instinct was to yell out “Commander Shepard!”….then I realized that since the character is basically me with a proficient at being a constant badass that would be cheating and way too weird. So here is my pick:

Garrus Vakarian

Yep, I still went with Mass Effect…no surprise there and there is no way I’m giving up a chance to fangirl over Garrus. So how about I list all his awesome traits and why this date would be the best thing ever.

He’s dedicated and loyal.

The guy nearly dies and still shows up for work…where he might almost die again. If that’s not dedication I have no idea what the word even means anymore. He might take a bit of coaxing (in the romantic area atleast) but once he commits, he commits for good.

He’s awkward and adorable, but is surprisingly good at making all the feels. 

He’s not the best a flirting, in some cases he’s really bad at it but other times he says something totally awesome and my fangirl runs off squealing. The relationship in game is the most fun I’ve ever had with the romance systems in video games and it’s because of his personality. He’s pretty funny and despite his total renegade badass outer shell he’s actually a ball of mush when it comes to the relationship with Shepard. He’s also surprisingly insecure about himself when it comes to non-turian relationships, which he basically just flat out says several times. So I’m counting that as points towards good communication.

He’s also a ton of fun to just hang out with. 

Some of the stuff Garrus says and does is even better than the small tender moments he shares with Shepard. So our Valentine’s day date would be full of laughing, me pretending he’s not awkward mixed with me telling him how awkward he is, and having fun. He’d teach me how to shoot, we’d go to his ‘spot’ in the Citadel, and I’ll let him regale me with tales of the awesome stuff he’s done.

Game Couple Recommendation

So other than Mass Effect and Dragon Age, which are the best at relationships. I’m gong to go with

Zelda and Link 

These two have been in a  relationship since forever (though technically it’s not the same people every game), and it definitely says something about the chemistry between the two that they keep finding each other throughout every one of their reincarnation. Link’s the silent type which does make the more tender moments a bit…stoic, but I mean he must be into her because he keeps saving Hyrule just to be with her.

My favorite game is Zelda’s Awakening but nearly all of the Zelda games are worth playing in my opinion. (which is bias btw).

Currently Playing


Oh my god…this game. It’s beautiful! It sort of snuck up on me how invested I was in this until I got to the end and nearly cried. It’s a really short one so you can get through in one sitting if you wanted, but I’m going to replay it. The first time I played it my boyfriend and I decided to play together. The thing is, this is a one-play game where you control two people. One brother is the left side side controls, and the other brother is the right side controls. We both took a side of the controller and played that way, and now that I’m playing it by myself I can say it’s actually easier to play with two people. Plus the emotional factor of playing with someone else like that sort of made the story even more amazing.

Such a good game.

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3 Responses to Read Play Blog: Valentine’s Game Date

  1. Hehehe I did it, I went and picked commander Shepherd even though most if his personality traits are defined by how you play him. I really must play the next 2 games to get to know more about garrus! I loved his loyalty in the first one. I love the sound of the Valentines date with him hehe.

    Remember to add this post onto the linky!

  2. Ana says:

    I’m so happy to see so much love for LoZ this (more like last, because I’m late) month, especially a mention of Link and Zelda. Those two! THOSE TWO have such a connection. ❤

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