Reading & Ranting: The Perfect Bookish Gift Guide Part 1


So if you haven’t done your Valentine’s day shopping yet and you’re still shopping around…I’m not sure what you’re waiting for, but seeing as I can relate to your procrastination I’m going to help you out! Here is my Super-Late Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! (Procrastinators Unite). Also this is a great guide for those super productive people who like buying gifts well before they ever need them! I’ll try to make another gift guide close to Christmas this year.

So here is part 1!

Reading Journals


Reading Journals! I know so many readers who like writing down notes and/or quotes as they are reading, these journals make it easier! Some of them come with sections to leave ratings, where you got the book, page numbers, etc. I use a notebook to keep up with all of my review thoughts, so these are perfect.

 Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Stop by Etsy as well, they have a ton!

Bookish Candles


Candles are a hit with any bookworm (that doesn’t have allergies) who like to sit back and unwind with a book after a day of not-reading. So why not get them a candle that appeals to both their nose and their geekiness! Both Bubble & Geek, From the Page, and Frostbeard Studios hae Etsy stories with a wide variety of candles related to different fandoms. PaddyWax has a Library collection that pulls in a few great classic authors for some great scents.

Bubble & Geek / Frostbeard Studio / PaddyWax / From the Page

Book Scarves

bookscarves (1)

Fall and Winter (and early Spring) are the perfect time to show off awesome scarves and what better way to show off your love of all things nerdy than by wearing it around your neck. All three of these shops also have things like gloves, bows, and shirts.

Sassy Skirts for Girls / Stylish Geek /  Storiarts

Book Bracelets


Show off your love of reading by wearing it on your wrist! You can find everything from miniature books to professional quality bangles! (I have a mini Harry Potter necklace, and I love it)

Little Literature / AcessoReads / Arte of the Booke

Book Bags


From handpainted canvas totes to books turned into bags!

PivotBookTotes / TheWriteStuff / PsBestios / Rose & Thatch

These few items barely scratch the surface of all the cool book related items you can buy for someone (or yourself). So keep shopping around!

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8 Responses to Reading & Ranting: The Perfect Bookish Gift Guide Part 1

  1. Awesome! I love the Harry Potter bracelet!!

  2. lab1990 says:

    I just love book themed gifts…I’d love one of those book bags or candles. How adorable!


  3. oh my god I love this post! Bookmarking it 😀 I have seen those scarves on Etsy. I love those bookish candles! Gonna check them out right now 🙂

    -Diamond @ Dee’s Reads

  4. Bookish bags and bookish candles always go down well with me! The scarves are cute too.

  5. Oo I really love those scarves! I’ve been thinking that I should get a scarf or two to go with my business tops and make the ones that are a little too cleavagey more work appropriate, haha!

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