In Review: January 2015

In Review

January was a big improvement to the mess of the last year! I’ve been working on being a happier person, even when people really get on my nerves and so far it’s been going great. The bookstore has been doing well, though I’ll be happy when the cold goes away so that I can stop running the heat.

Indie-visible launched in full and it’s been going great! There are a ton of fun things to join in on and plenty of awesome advice for authors.

I also got to go to the Marissa Meyer signing!!

Books Read – 14

Novellas – 4

Graphic Novels – 2

Discussions and Other Posts



COYER – 4 Books Added

I need to kick this into high gear in February.

LGBT Challenge – 0 Books Added

I have a few sitting on my shelf that I want to make time for, but I’m going to have to head the library before I truly get started on this one.

Star Wars Reading Challenge –  1 Book Added

I can’t wait to grab another one to read, hopefully I’ll have time in February. The biggest problem will be picking one book from my SW shelves

TBR Challenge – 3 Books Added

I managed to fit in the TBR readalong pick, Throne of Glass, as well. So good!

UtopYA 2015 Reading Challenge – 2 Books Added

Around the World 2015 – 7 Books Added

Added 7 books, and 9 different locations! I have a lot of US cities covered like New Orleans, Nashville and Detroit, but I also managed to get a few in Europe and even one in Antarctica!

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3 Responses to In Review: January 2015

  1. Awesome month you had! Happy Reading to you!

  2. Congrats on reading so many books last month! I need to step it up a little bit. Good luck with those challenges. You can do it!!!

  3. Christy says:

    Well January was a good reading month. Hope February is even better.

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