Top Ten Tuesday: Graphic Novels I’m Dying to Read

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This week was a free week, so I decided to highlight the graphic novels I’ve been wanting to read for a little while now.

  • Maus – This is one of those graphic novels absolutely everyone tells you to read, even people who don’t read graphic novels all the time. So i guess I should probably get around to do that.
  • Saga Vol. 3 – So I have the weirdest relationship with this series. Part of me hates it, because it’s gratuitous and flighty. Part of me loves it, because it’s different and art is amazing.
  • Hellboy Vol. 1 Seed of Destruction – I’ve been meaning to pick up Hellboy for a very long time, and I just never have. I need to fix that.

  • Bitch Planet – This one only has a single issue out so far, but it sounds really good and that first issue has awesome praise. Now to wait 6 to 8 months for the trade paperback to come out!


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11 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Graphic Novels I’m Dying to Read

  1. dogearedcopy says:

    I love Maus and Hellboy! I have Maus I and II (though I think the two volumes are often combined into one now) and Hellboy through trade volume 6. The great thing about both is that the artwork is done by *one* artist, Spielgelman and Mignola respectively. When a team of artists are employed, I often find the different styles annoying (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Fables!)

  2. Kat Stark says:

    YES YES YES. SOOOO MANY YESSES. Great choices that’s for sure.

  3. Lauren says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes to Chew – I’ve read the first five and it’s a lot of twisted fun! 🙂

  4. Ashlea says:

    Excellent idea for the TTT post! I have never tried graphic novels and I have a friend that swears she’s going to get me into them. I have to admit that Saga and Bitch Planet look incredibly interesting, even more so after your post!

  5. Great list! I’m trying to read more graphic novels this year too, in fact the first volume of Rat Queens is on its way to me in the post. I’ve read all four volumes of Saga this month and I really love it; I don’t think I liked volume three quite as much as the others, but I still liked it a lot. I really need to read the Avatar books, because I love the series!

  6. I’ve never really be interested in graphic novels but I’m always interested to check them out in case one of them sparks my attention. Thanks for sharing.

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