Saturday Issue Review: Thor – God of Thunder Vol. 3: The Accursed


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The AccursedSource: Purchased in single issues
Publisher: Marvel
Series: God of Thunder #12-18
Edition: Single Issues, 160 pages
Genre: Superhero Comic
Purchase:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository *
*I receive a small monetary kickback from Amazon purchases
Rating: 4/5

It’s the bloody return of one of Thor’s greatest enemies: Malekith the Accursed! The former lord of the Dark Elves is freed from his otherworldly prison, and the chase is on across the Nine Realms to capture him! As Malekith begins a bloody rampage, Thor finds new allies to aid him: a Dark Elf sorceress! A gun-toting Light Elf! A gargantuan Mountain Giant! A dwarf who loves dynamite! And a particularly surly troll…?! The Wild Hunt has begun! Plus: Thor returns to Midgard – but what does it mean to walk the Earth as a god? Where does Thor go and who does he see when he’s not out saving the world with the Avengers? It’s the return of Thor’s long-time love interest, Dr. Jane Foster!

Since the Gorr story-line has ended, it only makes sense to bring back one of Thor’s long running enemies, Malekith. Especially since this came out in time for the theater release of Dark World, though I definitely prefer the comic version of Malekith.

So basically Malekith comes back after having been imprisoned for a while and goes on a rampage, forcing Asgard and the other realms to put together their own version of the Avengers to try and take him down. I liked the odd and slightly volitle group that Thor is forced to work with. The Light-Elf and the Dark-Elf are constantly trading barbs, the dwarf basically just wants to kill stuff, and the troll hates everyone. Needless to say their team dynamic is not that great and leads them into more trouble. I really like Malekith. He’s slightly crazy, but he knows who he is dealing with and how to handle them. I definitely enjoyed all of the fighting and seeing the different realms, the Light Elf realm was a bit ridiculous though.

As a plus side we get to see Jane Foster and some of Thor’s downtime on Midgard. Their moments were cute, and I appreciated the fact that she had long since moved on and that they remained friends despite that. She manages to be a much stronger character in a few pages than the character ever did on screen.

Overall I still think the storyline is pretty solid, though maybe not as gripping as the God Butcher story.

4 stars

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