Top 10 of 2014: Best Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends of 2014

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Who doesn’t have a harem book crushes? Here is my list of book boyfriends/girlfriends from books released in 2014. This list will be short because I don’t like letting new people into my exclusive group of book crushes.

Nero's FiddleLoki Agent of Asgard Vol 1Cress

  • Loki – Nero’s Fiddle by A.W. Exley – I adore Hawk, more commonly known as Loki. He’s an airship pirate who has a penchant for sharing way too much info about his sex life while still being able to charm you with his wit and silver tongue. Not to mention his sense of humor.
  • Loki – Agent of Asgard – Another Loki has been inducted into the harem. Though if I’m being honest he was already there, but in different forms. Movie Loki, Lady Loki, Kid Loki, that really muscular version of Loki with long ponytail. ANYWAY, he’s one of my favorite comic book characters and his new series started this year.
  • Captain Thorne – Cress by Marissa Meyer – I knew I liked him in Scarlet but after Cress he’s definitely earned his place.

Captain Marvel Vol 1The Star ThiefHarley Quinn Vol 1

  • Carol Danvers – Captain Marvel – When I started reading this comic I had no idea I was going to become such a huge fan of Carol’s. She’s tough, funny, and knows how to get things done. No overly sexualize costume and an awesome mohawk when she has her mask on.
  • Renna – The Star Thief – Renna is a confident and smart thief, who is use to using her charm to get her way. I do think she can be too flirty but even with that negative she’s still on my list because she’s a badass.
  • Harley Quinn – Harley Quinn – She’s been in my harem for a while now, but like Loki she’s in many different forms. She finally has her own standalone series and she’s crazier than before, mostly because she’s legitimately crazy now and not just warped.
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6 Responses to Top 10 of 2014: Best Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends of 2014

  1. Lauren says:

    Thorne really stole the show, didn’t he? 🙂
    Definitely movie Loki!

  2. Love me some Captain Thorn!!!

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