Saturday Issue Review: Attack on Titan Vol. 1 by Hajime Isayama


The Saturday Issue focuses on the more visual books read here at In Libris Veritas; ranging from graphic novels to manga to game companion guides.

Attack on Titan Vol 1Source: Purchased
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Series: Attack on Titan #1
Edition: Paperback, 208 Pages
Genre: Fantasy Horror Manga
Purchase:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository*
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Rating: 4/5

What’s left of humanity survives in fear for their lives in this exciting, terrifying new manga that’s a number one bestseller in Japan. Humankind is down to just a few thousand people who live in a city surrounded by three concentric walls. The walls protect them from their enemies, the ravenous giants known as the Titans. The Titans appear to have only one purpose: to consume humanity.

For one hundred years, what’s left of mankind has lived in the city on earth, protected by walls that tower over even the Titans. Untouched by the Titans for a century, humanity has become complacent. But Eren Jaeger has had enough. While his fellow citizens are content to hide, Jaeger has the passion to take action to not only protect the city, but to learn what the Titans actually are. But on his first mission he comes face to face with horrors beyond his imagination… and secrets from his own past that could shift the tides of war.

Jarger and his friends are determined to survive. But everything about their situation is a mystery that only becomes more complicated the more they learn. Attack on Titan is a breathtaking debut from a young talent, and a phenomenon that is sweeping Japan!

Attack on Titan has taken the world by storm with the release of the first season of the anime, thus bringing attention to the already in progress manga series.

Like all manga that have been turned into shows the first volume is pretty much frame by frame of the first episode, so in that respect there isn’t much new here for those who have watched the show. I have heard it does deviate some after a while, but I haven’t read enough of the manga to confirm that.

The story as a whole is really awesome though and I love the unique feel of the world that Isayama has created. The Titans have hunted humankind to near extinction, and an unexpected attack of the great walls around the city has left the humans in a state of shock. They thought they were safe and now they find themselves fighting for survival again. Eren is determined to take revenge on the Titans and joins the military. What we get in this first book is an action packed and fast paced story that takes a hold of you and refuses to let you go until that last page is turned. I will say that if you’re not familiar with the show then some of the story panels will be confusing until you read the next volumes which explain them a bit better.

I can’t wait to continue reading this while I wait for the second season to come out.

4 stars

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  1. My partner has been reading the manga and he finds it really interesting and says I’d like it It’s gotten super popular so far!

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