Sunday Post (124)

Sunday Post
The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. ~ Inspired by the meme In My Mailbox.~

It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.


It’s the weekend! Which I barely even noticed…I just recently got an Xbox One, and I’ve spent a good chunk of my free time on that. I have Tomb Raider and Destiny right now, and I’m almost finished with Tomb Raider which I love…but Destiny makes me want to set things on fire. I keep getting a bunch of error codes, which if you follow me on twitter I’ve been grouching about it. Sorry about that.

I haven’t really been able to focus at all this past week so I’ve been jumping between books like a mad woman but I haven’t really finished any of them. So I’m now 11 books behind in my goal.

Last Week:

Monday: Hired Gun Release Day Blitz

Tuesday: Beast Part 1 by Ella James ( Mini-Read Review 18+)

Wednesday: Halee Maree Blitz (Guest Post)

Thursday: Bulletproof by Melissa Pearl Cover Reveal

Friday: Fan Art Up 3

Saturday: Read, Play, Blog 1 

This Week

Monday: Larking Rising by  Sandra Waugh (Review)

Tuesday: VS Sports Bra and Workout Shorts (Product Review, thanks to Influenster)

Wednesday: The Unicorn’s Tail by A.W. Exely (Mini-Read Review)

Book Haul


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23 Responses to Sunday Post (124)

  1. Enjoy your games and I hope your book slump passes soon!

  2. Greg says:

    Set things on fire… LOL. My gaming time goes in stages- I don’t play anything for a while, then i play something like crazy for a while. Been like that with LOTRO- started playing the newer content but it kinda irritated me. Glad Tomb raider is good.

  3. Booketta says:

    I get weeks like that re. books and reading. It will pass! My eldest is into gaming he had an XBox lets say I’m glad we have thick walls, so I feel your pain 🙂

  4. jen ryland says:

    Exciting! I must admit I only use our XBox for Netflix streaming — I look at all the buttons on the Xbox controller and my head just explodes.

  5. The setting things on fire made me laugh. I had to threaten to take a game away from my husband a few years ago because he kept getting frustrated with it and breaking things! Hope you’re able to settle on a book soon. I get in those phases soon and it always drives me crazy.

  6. fuonlyknew says:

    I’m also jumping around in a bunch of books. I did manage to finish several and write 8 reviews which I’ll post as they fit in my schedule.
    I play some games with my teenage son on XBOX. He’s so much better then me, especially when we play LIve and I screw up. The team doesn’t ask me back very often. LOL So I play on my Play Station 2. Some RPG is my fav.
    Here is my Sunday Post –

    • Way to go! I really need to sit down and type out review as well. It cool that you play games with your son! I tried to get my parents to play games with me but that never turns out well, lol. One is too competitive (even in co-op games) and the other forgets buttons immediately after learning them. 😛

  7. Yay for the xbox. How is Destiny? We just got ps4 and looked at that game

  8. I still can’t manage to stay connected to Destiny for much more than 10 minutes at a time, which isn’t terrible if I’m patrolling, but makes it impossible to finish a mission.

    • I actually managed to play for about 3 hours last night, with only one connection issue. I just wish it would tell me a solid reason for my problems, but it keeps giving me different error codes which are from different issues. It’s so confusing!

  9. lab1990 says:

    I hope you can get more reading finished this week. I’m currently reading and LOVING Horns by Joe Hill, but i have a lot to read for school too. haha


  10. Nyze says:

    Same here. So many books to finish but a lot is going on that I cant focus too.

    Anyway here’s my latest haul :
    Newly Owned to Read! #3

  11. Congrats on getting an Xbox One! Best time ever, I recently purchased Destiny for my bf’s birthday, can’t wait to watch him play. Have a lovely week ahead!

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