Fan Art Up (2): Kagawa’s Dragon Contest



Fan Art Up! is a weekly feature hosted by Tabitha @ Not Yet Read. It is dedicated to showcasing our Fan Art and doodles inspired by entertainment media, whether it’s Books, Movies, Anime, Comics, etc. Or even your random self inspired art! Break out those dusty art supplies!

So last week Julie Kagawa announced her dragon art contest for Talon, and I immediately knew I needed to submit an entry. The winners will receive an advanced copy of Talon and will also have a clay figure of their dragon art made by Kagawa herself! I’m in love with her books AND her art, so of course I can’t refuse this chance.

I do have one of her little clay dragons on my shelves, but he needs a friend.

Meet Lockheart


So without further ado, here is my entry!


I’m not the strongest drawer out there, but I really had fun with this one. I was tempted to do it in watercolors because that’s where my strength lies, but  was afraid I’d lose all of the details. So I just used colored pencils.

I see so many flaws in this one, but I still like it.

Also be sure to check out Julie Kagawa’s upcoming release Talon! And if you want a chance to win a copy of Talon and a polymere clay figure of your art, check out the post here: Dragon Contest. 


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15 Responses to Fan Art Up (2): Kagawa’s Dragon Contest

  1. Oooo pretty well done! I must check out the contest now!

  2. Again I’m really impressed, I just love looking at your art. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Celine Frohn says:

    Ooo, I love it! Good luck in the contest 😀

  4. Wow, that drawing is pretty amazing, I can’t draw at all so I’m in awe lol. I love the detail in the wings and the claws, plus those little clay dragons are SO adorable.

  5. Thanks for sharing!! Dragons are so fun to draw, but I always mess up the claws. Yours look wonderful 🙂

  6. Carla N says:

    Great drawing!! I’m also participating, I wish you good luck!! 😀

  7. You have an awesome dragon! I’m also participating in the contest. Good luck to us!

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