Summer Solstice Celebration Day 10: The Harder I Fall by Jessica Gibson & The Book Affair (Teaser & Giveaway)

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So we’re getting close to the end now! Today I’m featuring The Harder I Fall by Jessica Gibson! It’s actually on sale right now for only .99 cents because book two, The Deeper We Go is coming out on July 8th! So make sure to grab your copy and get caught up!


The Harder I Fall by Jessica Gibson

New Adult Contemporary Romance

Becca Langer was not a normal girl, she didn’t have normal girl problems. For most of her life, she’s had to take care of herself, her younger brother Chad, and her drunk mother. She’s lived under the shadow of what her father did when she was ten years old. Forever branded by his actions.

College was her escape, she could get away and finally live. Her dream was to make it in the New York Ballet Company one day. That for her meant a long road full of hard work and dedication. She didn’t have time for distractions, and Levi Klein was definitely a distraction.

Will Levi be able to crack through her tough exterior and really see the wounded soul underneath? Becca needs to be loved, but the question is, will she let Levi love her?


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About Jessica Gibson

First and foremost, I’m a wife to an amazing man, and mother to a 2 year old little boy. I love to read when I can find the time, my Kindle is my best friend. I’ve read tons and tons of books. One of my favorite authors is Diana Gabaldon, her Outlander series is absolutely amazing. I also really enjoy Charlaine Harris’ True Blood series. I’ll read anything supernatural, I’ve blown through most of the good YA series’ that are out there. I think my love of reading really helped me branch out into writing.

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The Book Affair


Jessica also runs The Book Affair, which hosts live author chats every Wednesday! It’s free to watch and fans are encouraged to ask as many questions as they like! Here are a few of the upcoming chats


RSVP for the chat with Lizzy Charles


RSVP for the chat with Leigh Talbert Moore



1 Kindle Copy of The Harder I Fall by Jessica Gibson


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One Response to Summer Solstice Celebration Day 10: The Harder I Fall by Jessica Gibson & The Book Affair (Teaser & Giveaway)

  1. Anj Garcia says:

    I don’t usually read new adult books but the story sounds good. And I would love to participate on The Book Affair someday.

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