Summer Solstice Event Coming in June!

In Libris Veritas'


As some of you know my blog’s anniversary is coming up in June! I’ve been wanting to do a big event for a long time and this seems to be the perfect opportunity!

The When:

The Summer Solstice Celebration will (hopefully) last two weeks, from June 16th to June 27th.

The What:

I would like to use these two weeks to feature a different author/book everyday! There will be interviews, guest posts,  and with luck some of these authors and my tiny budget will provide giveaways for at least half of these days! There will be interviews, guest posts,

The Who:

This is where my lovely readers come in. If you are an author, publicist, or work for a publisher and you think you would like to participate then please fill out this form: Sign Up Sheet

If you are friends with an author you think might be interested please share this with them. It would be a huge help and this event will be one step closer to be the epic event I’m hoping it will be.

Summer Solstice (1)

I really hope this catches on so I can share some books and get to know some authors a bit better!

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