Mini-Read Reviews: Cloak of Dreams by Kate Dunwell & Down the Rabbit Hole by Charlotte Abel

MinireadreviewMini-Read Review is a feature created here on In Libris Veritas in order to showcase the reviews for short stories and novellas which so often get over looked.

Cloak of Dreams

Cloak of Dreams

Source: Purchased

Ebook, 38 pages
Fantasy Short Story
*I receive a small monetary kickback from Amazon purchases

A romantic, fantasy short story novella (approx. 9000 words), age 15 plus
Walking through the mall doing her Christmas shopping, Freya comes upon an enchanting Christmas shop and feels compelled to go in. Funnily enough, the crowds of Christmas shoppers have disappeared and she is the only person in the shop.
In the shop, Freya spots an adorable Scandinavian figurine, a nisse, that the kindly shopkeeper wraps up for her. Upon leaving the shop, Freya realizes that the shopkeeper had used her name when speaking to her. Even more unusual, when Freya turns around to have a last look at the shop, it is empty with a ‘Going out of Business’ sign on it.
When Freya gets home, she puts the nisse on her bookshelf. Nodding off, an adventure begins, in which Freya is not sure whether she is dreaming or not.

Cloak of Dreams has a really interesting concept but it really missed the mark for me. The story felt very rushed overall and it didn’t really seem to have time to show that romantic side that is mentioned in the summary. In fact the summary actually tells you half of the story. I really liked the whole Scandinavian mythology idea and the way they were used, but it all fell short of what I expected.

1 star

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit HoleSource: Purchased

 Sanctuary #0.5
Ebook, 52 pages
New Adult Fantasy Short Story
*I receive a small monetary kickback from Amazon purchases

A “Sanctuary Series” stand-alone short story that gives readers a tantalizing peek inside Jonathan’s head. (Approximately 7,000 words)

Reliving the night before Jonathan and Franklin leave for Basic Training.

You do not need to read “Down the Rabbit Hole” before enjoying “River’s Recruit.”

Down the Rabbit Hole is one of those prequel novels that really don’t give much too much away about the full length books. It focuses on Jonathan, a veteran who lost his hand and his brother in Afghanistan. It gives us some insight on the person he use to be and why all of that has changed, but I can definitely tell Abel didn’t reveal everything about his painful past and that River’s Recruit (book one) is going to deal with it.  I wish it had given me some idea of what to expect in River’s Recruit, but the writing is solid and I definitely feel confident that the author will be able to pull me into the full length novel.

3 star

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4 Responses to Mini-Read Reviews: Cloak of Dreams by Kate Dunwell & Down the Rabbit Hole by Charlotte Abel

  1. Christa says:

    That’s too bad Cloak of Dreams was a let down. It has such an interesting premise!

  2. Sorry Cloak of Dreams didn’t work out for you. But that’s good the prequel was a much better story!

  3. Sorry these fell short for you, I am curious about River’s Recruit and will watch for reviews on that.

  4. Christy says:

    Well, booo. The Scandinavian aspect would’ve grabbed my attention, but sounds like the story fell to flat. Darn.

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