Review: Find Momo by Andrew Knapp

Find Momo

Source: Quirk Books– I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I received no compensation
Publisher: Quirk Books
Series: –
Edition: Paperback, 150 Pages
Genre: Photography
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Meet Momo, a border collie who loves tagging along on adventures and getting his picture taken. Find Momo is more than a photo book: it’s a game, and it’s up to you to find out where the playful pup is hiding. Fans of photographer Andrew Knapp’s popular blog and Instagram feed will love the whimsical pictures of Momo in his element and all-new adventures as he poses, peeks out, and camouflages himself in all kinds of places. From simple settings to more complex hide-and-go-seeks, there’s lots for dog lovers of all ages to discover.

Find Momo is a really unique photography book that’s incredibly fun to look at and appeals to a wide variety of people from the photography geeks to dog lovers…even children.

The concept for Find Momo is really simple and a whole lot of fun. Momo is a border collie who has met internet fame thanks to Andrew Knapp’s Instagram. He’s a dog with a whole lot of personality and it’s surprising just how much joy looking at pictures of dogs can bring. There are about 80 or some high quality photographs where you have to, as the title suggests, find Momo! I really loved the changes in scenery and some of the more odd settings, not to mention trying to find where Momo is peeking out at you.

Of course the book is not all photographs. There are cute little tid bits of info about Momo or the settings and in the back we even get to read how the internet sensation came to be. There is also an answer key in the back that shows you where Momo is, it also lists the locations of the photos and there are even a few cute/funny behind the scenes blurbs.

If you enjoy having a few photography books around the house or maybe you have a dog loving child then I really recommend Find Momo. I can easily see a visitor picking this up from my coffee table and enjoying themselves.

4 stars

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5 Responses to Review: Find Momo by Andrew Knapp

  1. Sounds like a neat and different book from what I usually read.

  2. This sounds really cute and would make a great coffee table book

  3. Pamela D says:

    This book looks so freaking adorable. 🙂

  4. Christy says:

    I wonder if my friend knows about Momo, she’s completely obsessed with Boarder Collies. I shall go find out now …

  5. Awww this sounds completely cute, I absolutely LOVE dogs!

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