Readalong Review: Destruction by Rhiannon Frater (Giveaway)

Beautiful lonely girl  in long dressSource: Rhiannon Frater – I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I received no compensation.
Publisher: Rhiannon Frater
Edition: Ebook, 83 pages
Genre: Fantasy Horror
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble*
*I receive a small monetary kickback from Amazon purchases
Rating: 4/5

Episode 7:

Despite the terrors of her past, Vanora has managed live a normal life in Austin with her roommate Rhonda and her boyfriend Dan. When it all falls apart and Armando comes back into her life, she realizes that she can’t escape her destiny. Evil threatens her family, and Vanora must venture into the darkness to save everyone she cares about.

If you have not read the first season or previous episode of In Darkness We Must Abide then this review may contain spoilers.

Ah it’s almost here! The tension is building and things are beginning to fall into place one motion at a time, and I can’t wait! Vanora breaks my heart. She’s a sweet girl who wants a normal life, who wants her family and her friendship with out the lies…but she doesn’t really have that option. She’s the text book definition of a ‘good person that bad things happen to’, and I just want to shelter her in some way. Though I guess that’s where Armando comes in, he at least tries to shelter to her…Roman seems more stubborn now than he ever has and it frustrates me, but he’s naturally skeptical about most things so it makes sense. Though I think it would do him some good to listen to his sisters every now and then when they issue a warning.

Overall this is another solid episode that provides the suspense and connections we need to get this party started soon. I’m super curious to see just is going to happen and I would love to know the more detailed reason of why.

4 stars

Readalong Discussion:

Vanora’s move back home, and how it will affect her life.

Well I’m kind of glad she’s going back even though the whole series has made her home in to a darker place and it’s only natural that all the build up would lead her back home. As for how it’s going to affect her…I’m thinking it’s going to go with the negative aspects. We get a lot of warnings in this episode and that doesn’t make me think of anything good really, or in the very least the positive will be short lived.

Like I said I’m happy she’s going back but I can only guess what’s going to happen or what the return is going to cost her.


Rhiannon is giving away 5 ebook copies of the next installment of In Darkness We Must Abide!

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  1. Sounds like something I need to start. I keep seeing great things for her work. Glad you enjoying it.

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