Harry Potter Readalong Week #11

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Goblet of Fire Ch 9 – 13

1. Winky the house elf is found with Henry’s wand after the Dark Mark has been conjured. She is then set free for her disobedience. Thoughts?

It’s such a backwards concept! Nevertheless you could feel the cruelty behind the action and I thought it was beyond harsh. If she were a human in the same position they would have taken the time to question her and give her time to gather herself, but nope! Not mean Mr. Crouch who seems to think he’s better than her…I can say she’s better off without him but she certainly won’t see it that way.

2. Hermione finds out that house elves are responsible for the cooking and cleaning at Hogwarts and then refuses to eat the food they have prepared. Would you have done the same?

I get where she’s coming from…but probably not. I’d probably speak to Dumbledore about it though, he’s seems like a pretty open guy I’m sure he wouldn’t mind explaining when he had the time. I also seriously doubt that someone is in the kitchens gallivanting around and lording over the houseelves either. It pays to have information before making drastic decisions…and not eating would be kind of drastic for me. (Not eating = Michelle laying somewhere passed out). Then again she only last for one meal so while her heart was in a good place I’m guessing she realized that she needs food.

3. Do you feel that Mad-Eye Moody was a good choice for a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor?

Yes, he’s got the experience and the know how…However he’s a bit rough around the edges isn’t he? I don’t really see him as someone who can turn that particular gruffness off and teaching in a manner that won’t completely shock or scare the students.

4. The Triwizard Tournament sounds awfully dangerous. Would you have wanted to participate or watch from the sidelines and cheer on a fellow student?

I’ll cheer thanks! Anything that is advertised as having a ‘death toll’ is clearly too much for me. Self-preservation fully beats out ambition in this case. Fame and glory are great but I’d rather be in one piece and alive.

5. Do you think that Professor Moody was correct in doling out his punishment for Malfoy?

The responsible person in me is saying no…because honestly Malfoy is just a kid. A really irritating kid but a kid nonetheless and what Moody did is essentially the same thing as a teacher in the real world singling out a bully and then tearing him down in front of everyone. I want to say yes so badly though…because it’s rather brilliant and I’m positive Malfoy will never forget it. Though I’m not sure that’s a good thing because he’ll probably blame the Trio for it in the future and his resentment will probably grow.

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1 Response to Harry Potter Readalong Week #11

  1. Mr. Crouch I could almost understand because he is SO rigid in his life but what surprised me was Amos Diggory’s reaction to Winky. It infuriated me the way they kept referring to her as elf.

    Food is my weakness. I wouldn’t be able to make a very strong stand on house elf rights. 😉

    I think that Mad Eye was not an amazing choice. While he has the experience he certainly lacks the people skills to work effectively.

    I am with you! I’m not very fit or active so I’m thinking I would be added to the death toll that they’ve mentioned.

    It’s so hard to determine what the right kind of punishment in that circumstance is the right punishment. I mean clearly this was on the drastic end of the spectrum and you’re right it won’t be one that he will forget soon. A detention wouldn’t have done much good. One night and it’s over. Then on the other hand, it isn’t right because it kind of goes along with the “eye for an eye” theory which makes the whole world blind. If everyone would just get along we wouldn’t have to worry about this!! 😉

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