Harry Potter Read Along Week #7

1. Aunt Marge insists that there’s something wrong with Harry’s genes so there is no helping him. Do you believe in Nature or Nurture?

First off…almost nothing this family says even gets close to the truth. But that isn’t the question! I always find that I can’t truly answer Nature vs. Nurture in a broad sense…because somethings simply happen because they will (nature) and other things we learn over time (nurture). Life is both. In truth there isn’t anything wrong with Harry and Aunt Marge is being a….very rude person (not what I wanted to call her). If he was being snide in his replies to her then it’s most certainly due to Nurture. With the crap this family puts him through it is a miracle he never tried to get back at them. I’m pretty sure being half starved, verbally abused, and from what I can guess probably physically to some point, would make anyone rude to them.

2. Do you think that Arthur Weasley was right in his attempt to warn Harry about Sirius Black?

Of course! He’s one of the closest people Harry has to a father right now, and he cares for him. I think Molly wanted to keep him in the dark to let him live his life unafraid, but it only works so well. I don’t blame her, Harry has been through alot…the poor kids needs a break but at the same time he’s got a really good head on his shoulders and he can handle it. It’s remarkable that he can at his age, but he’s been through so much that the sad truth is that I think he would deal with the situations better knowing that he might be up against something.

3. We get our first glimpse of the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher R.J. Lupin. What are your thoughts so far?

Well he seems like he’s a had a rough life. He’s young but tired and weary…though three words don’t typically go together if everything is normal. He obviously knows what to do in a pinch, so DADA is a good position for him. unlike a previous teacher *ahem*.

4. In their first Defense Against the Dark Arts class the third years must take on a boggart. If you were faced with a boggart what would it turn into?

Oh god…any number of things. The odd thing about not taking anxiety medicine when you should is that you develop odd quirky fears that come and go, so it would depend on the day? But the fears that I have that will stay are: Earwigs/Centipedes(aka anything that has far too many legs and antennae), heights, and clowns. I think the safest bet would a clown because if it turned into a giant earwig I’d go absolutely nuts. I don’t know if you can kill a boggart but I’d probably destroy the room trying…poor Lupin would probably have to stun me.

5. Hagrid’s first class went horribly wrong. Would you prefer to study some of the more exotic creatures (like hippogriffs) or stick to something safe like flobberworms?

Hippogriffs all the way! I love animals…even the dangerous ones. I’m not sure if I’d want to be in the same class as arrogant jerks like Malfoy though. Most people who end up being maimed by an animal are the ones who think they control the situation or they simply don’t pay attention. I don’t want to end up hurt because of some idiot, but I’d rather risk it than hang out with flobberworms.


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8 Responses to Harry Potter Read Along Week #7

  1. Ya that first question is a tough one. And Harry had already defeated Voldie twice at that point so I think he proved he could handle anything lol. But Mrs. Weasley was just looking out for him I think. And I should be on anxiety meds too, but don’t want to take them. I know what you mean about new fears popping up. It’s very stressful lol. I HATE spiders too. One time there was this GINORMOUS spider in my house and I killed it…then I sat in a chair and shook for like 20 mins because it creeped me out so bad and I had to wait for someone else to come home and throw it out lol. So I think I’d destroy the classroom trying to get rid of the boggart too haha.

  2. Can a boggart become a whole flock of birds, just sitting there looking at you-ala The Birds? That would be mine.
    Great answers-always look forward to your post.

  3. Shannon says:

    In the first chapters of each of the first three books, I continue to be amazed at how awful the Dursley’s are. And with the addition of Aunt Marge….ugh. Makes me want to scream! You’re right, it’s a wonder that Harry has as much self control as he does. He could be really, deliberately awful right back to them.

    I posted my responses (late) on the Goodreads discussion and I also posed a question about Snape. Here’s the link: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1325792-prisoner-of-azkaban-week-1

  4. Excellent point on the Nature vs. Nurture debate. I agree with it.

    Harry is much more mature for his age than he should be. He’s gone through more than most people go through in a lifetime.

    Yes, Professor Lupin doesn’t have much to compare to but he knows his stuff and that’s more than Harry and crew have experienced thus far.

    Michelle, I totally get that anxiety thing! I am right there with you. Anxiety issues – no anxiety meds + over-active imagination leads to all sorts of, erm, fun. CLOWNS!! Somebody and I don’t remember who, let me watch Stephen King’s “The It” when i was 5! Scared for life.

    So much braver than I am. Horses one of natures most gentler beasts scare the bejeebers out of me. 😦 I wish I could be brave like you, Melissa, and Sharon! Lol.

  5. I agree with your nature/nuture opinions, I don’t think it’s one of the other, it’s both combined and it also depends on the person. My boggard would be a room of mice *shudders* Give me chocolate, oh wait that’s for dementors! Who cares give me chocolate anyway 🙂

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