Harry Potter Read Along Week #3

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1. We find out that Professor Snape is going to referee the next Quidditch match. Thoughts?

*Starts daydreaming again* I think it’s fantastic…I mean, this can only be trouble! I did think it was a bit unfair that they would allow someone so bias to referee the match. There are a ton of teachers at Hogwarts and while I assume that most probably don’t know the rules enough to qualify as a ref I’m sure there were probably others who would qualify.

Then again given the actual reason he referees it does make sense…hindsight and all that.

2. Harry, Hermione, Malfoy, and Neville are serving out their detentions in the Forbidden Forest. they have a run in with the centaurs. Were Rowling’s centaurs what you expected?

Not really…but then again the very first time I read this was in 4th grade so I didn’t have a ton of experience with centaurs. It’s clear they had some deep ways of seeing the world and yet, they are kind of rude.

3. Quirrell? Huh. Didn’t see that one coming. What are your thoughts on this?

Psh I saw it coming! Okay…I totally didn’t see it coming at all. I’m in denial, because I adore the other more likely option. Quirrell would be the last person I expect to do anything really, he definitely plays a good part. Tripping over his own words and fainting?! I mean the guy is a natural at being a coward…even with his stinky turban.

4. I was all about hating on Snape. How do you feel now that he’s been revealed as the not bad guy?

Aww don’t hate on Snape! He just needs a hug!(Not that he’d let you get that close to him) I was relieved the first time I read it and now that I’ve read the book 5 or so times I still find myself a bit relieved.  He’s my favorite…and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I kind of adore the man. He’s probably the only character that I haven’t changed my opinion on from the first moment until the last, no matter what happened.

And before you ask, I have no idea what initially attracted met to sulky guy. Maybe it’s a kindred spirit thing. “Hey I’m sulky too! Let’s be friends and sulk together.”

5. What are your overall thoughts of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?

I love it of course! It’s definitely a fun book and if this is your first time reading it I can honestly say you’ll enjoy it just as much or more the second time. Its one of those books that holds references to the future and things you probably didn’t pay too much attention to. I can’t wait for Chamber of Secrets!

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15 Responses to Harry Potter Read Along Week #3

  1. angelicreader says:

    A HP read along? Where was I??

  2. I wish I had started along with you- these are my favorites! Love reading your answers

  3. Snape is probably one of the best ever written characters ever! I didn’t know what Centaurs were either lol.

    • I agree, I can’t wait till we get to the books where we can discuss certain things about him in particular. I have an issue with getting Centaurs and Satyrs confused…I have to remember that one is half goat and one is half horse.

  4. Shannon says:

    Michelle–How did you feel about the 170 extra points that Harry and his friends earned for Gryffindor at the end to put them ahead of Slytherin for the house cup?

    I thought the awarding of points was inconsistent and arbitrary.

  5. Trish says:

    I love that you love Snape! I was so conflicted about him when reading the books, could never quite decide if he was good or bad. I mostly remained hopeful that he was good despite signs to the contrary. Would never say he was a favourite though, he was mean! But loved his snarky tongue 🙂

  6. Hindsight is pretty useful.

    Wow! 4th grade. 🙂 That doesn’t leave a lot of time for experience with centaurs. I agree they are a bit rude.

    Rowling was a genius in setting us up to be duped. Quirrell was the perfect bad guy to make us feel that unexpected jolt of excitement to learn that we were wrong or really off base.

    If there was ever a man who needed a hug it is Professor Severus Snape. I haven’t noticed your crush on Snape at all! 😉

    Right?! I love so much that you can go back and find references in this series re-read.

    • Yeah, my 4th grade teacher bought the first book and read it aloud to us. From that moment on I was completely hooked, and I went out and bought the first two right after we finished in class. Snape is pretty much the only book character to find his way into my heart, which is impressive considering the amount of swoon worthy guys in fiction now.

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