Kissing Zombies by Richard Denney

Page Count: 120

Rating: 3/5

Rebecca Willis is a 17 year old survivor of a zombie pandemic who’s still in love with her high school crush Lance Tanner, who just happens to be be a zombie. But when things begin to threaten her ties with Lance she must choose over saving her own life and the lives of her friends or saving her zombie.

Kissing Zombies is actually a combo book of two novellas called A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Zombie and a A Girl’s Guide to Breaking Up With a Zombie, but I honestly think it works better when the two are read together like this. I think it would have brought it down for me if I had stopped where the first book ended and had to wait for the next part.

This was a genuinely fun read and the shortness proves to actually be a plus because it has the perfect pacing for the story. The main character Rebecca is a bit…different when it comes to the zombie apocalypse. She’s lost her family and it weighs on her but in a bit of a different way, and then there is the fact that she is in love with Lance who is a zombie. I love the fact that she has a bit of a weird attachment issue to her old high school crush, it’s not something I can connect with but it’s something that I’m sure would happen in a zombie apocalypse world.  It’s a new spin on the whole idea. There is also Ryan who becomes the third point of this really weird triangle, and he’s the obvious choice because he’s still technically human.

I think the one thing you have to keep in mind when reading this is that it is not a full novel, it’s two short stories. It doesn’t have the same depth a normal novel does, the characters are not all that fleshed out and the actual zombie virus is not explored. It focuses on Rebecca and her relationship troubles. If this were to become a full novel I’d love to see more about Zootmeths (people who make zombie snuff films) and the zombie virus’ start, because there are some great set ups there. I appreciated it for what it was and enjoyed the fun of it, even with it’s conventional flaws.

You can purchase Kissing Zombies on Amazon:

Kissing Zombies (Girl’s Guide, #1-2)

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2 Responses to Kissing Zombies by Richard Denney

  1. These novellas sound cool and I like that they are combined..curious about the weird triangle..LOL

  2. jeneaw0716 says:

    I have seen this before. It sounds pretty good. I am going to have find it. Thanks for sharing it.

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