Saturday Issue (13)


It’s no secret that I enjoy superheros and their out of this world stories, and I wanted to do something special on the blog related to it. So since I love reading comics I figured what better way to feature superheros than to talk about the issues as I read them! I really hope you enjoy!

Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance #2 (2011)

Writer: Brain Azzarello

Artists: Eduardo Risso, Dave Johnson

Notable Events: This is the alternate “origin” story of Batman.

Thoughts: Is issue 1 was a bit of surprise then this one is just outright shocking I would think.

We get a good glimpse at how aware everyone is of Batman’s activities, especially Jim Gordon. We see more of Penguin and the Wayne Casino, which is kind of neat but not that important. Then we see Oracle…who is not who I was expecting at all…but I kind of like the change even if it means one of my favorite villains isn’t running around anymore. We also get more of Batman’s anti-social tendancies, and I’m kind of shocked at how much of a different the switch from Bruce to Thomas makes. He’s ten times moodier than Bruce, and most of the time he kind of just growls at people.

Then there is the Joker, who is seriously damaged…more so than the normal Joker I would think. Joker as a normal villain is willing to do anything and his reason is his own, he’s a goofy and seriously deranged guy. Now Joker is all of that but the reason is intensely personal and for me I think I “understood” it, even if it was insanely over the top. I’ll tell you that Joker is not actually Joker, but someone else who has assumed the role in this whacked out timeline…but I won’t tell you who. You’ll have to read it to find it out…or wait till next week when the cover art gives it away. It does give you a good idea why Batman hasn’t offed Joker yet, when all the others have been buried and forgotten about. Of course there is the picture to the left, which is a good hint and a good glance at what the Joker looks like in this arc if you haven’t read one yet.

Even though this is really short and I still major issues with the art I enjoyed it. There were a lot of ‘woah’ moments for me especially when a character I’m use to seeing as one thing ends up in a different role. If you are looking for comics that are simply must reads I don’t think this is one, but it’s certain a good ‘what if’ kind of read.

Thank you for stopping by and check out my Saturday Issue! Make sure to tune in next week for Knight of Vengeance # 2.

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