The Saturday Issue (12)

It’s no secret that I enjoy superheros and their out of this world stories, and I wanted to do something special on the blog related to it. So since I love reading comics I figured what better way to feature superheros than to talk about the issues as I read them! I really hope you enjoy!

Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance #1 (2011)

Writer: Brain Azzarello

Artists: Eduardo Risso, Dave Johnson

Notable Events: This is the alternate “origin” story of Batman.

Thoughts:Well this one is a doozy…

The first thing I’ll say about this is that I’m not a fan of the art style, I found it odd to look at. Some of it is so detailed but then some of it seemed overly simple. The good thing about it is that it kind of fits the overall mood of the story and it does help emit a bit of that chaotic emotional. Though this particular story barely needs it, because it’s pretty gritty and chaotic all on its own.

So right away we are given a Wanye that we haven’t had much experience with, Thomas Wayne. He honestly reminds me of those cartoony mobsters on Bugs Bunny with the closed eyes and the wide set face. At any rate he’s kind of pushy, a bit rude, and he’s a casino owner. So not only do we have a completely different Wayne we also get a bit of role reversal in the villain area as well…and I bet you can guess by the cover who switches over.

This jumps into the plot pretty quickly and you get a feel for the new Batman’s world. Jim Gordan (who knows that Wayne is batman) brings you up to speed on the state of things. Most of the super villains are dead and the only real one terrorizing Gotham is Joker, who still has a permanent cell in Arkham. It seems Joker has taken a pair of kids and Batman sets off to find them. He has a brief and rather brutal run in with Killer Croc, which I think serves to show exactly how far this Batman is willing to go. He doesn’t tranq him or try to talk him down, he’s straight to the point. Over and done. We do get a small flashback to the night of the shooting though.

Then the last page shows you the scope of how weird things are now. As if a Batman who is willing to kill all of his enemies isn’t enough we get a glimpse of the Joker. It’s like the writers took Heath Ledger’s version and plopped him right into the page. Now for those who don’t like that version I only mean this visually, and it’s rather weird in comic form. The scraggly hair and baggy clothes just make the Joker a bit unrecognizable. Where in a real time movie it works, the comic book version looks so sloppy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a nod to Ledgers performance and it does make me smile to see it, but that doesn’t make it less weird…

Overall it’s a good issue and it adds the depth to the main Flashpoint storyline that the actual arc didn’t have. The grittiness of it really pulls you in and speaking from personal experience I had to read all 3 issues at once.

Thank you for stopping by and check out my Saturday Issue! Make sure to tune in next week for Knight of Vengeance # 2.

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