The Saturday Issue (11)


It’s no secret that I enjoy superheros and their out of this world stories, and I wanted to do something special on the blog related to it. So since I love reading comics I figured what better way to feature superheros than to talk about the issues as I read them! I really hope you enjoy!

Flashpoint #5 (2011)

Writer:  Geoff Johns

Artists: Alex Sinclair, Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope

Notable Events: This is the point where the timeline is reset to it’s rightful stream and The New 52 begins.

Thoughts:  Well this is where it all ends…and begins; like the tagline says it all changes here. We already know that at the end of this issue everything is reset and we have entirely new story arcs. (Which I have thoughts on, but I’ll save that for the end.) So as usual if you haven’t read the past issues…do so or I run the risk of telling you something that you didn’t know! Though honestly I think even if I told you, they are worth at least glancing at to see the changes.

So we left off with an all out superhero/villain brawl over the fate of the world. Aquaman wants it underwater…Wonderwoman wants…actually I have no idea what her deal is. Which irks me to no end because I don’t want to buy the side comics just to find that out. At any rate you have the hero/villains who don’t want the live underwater, and a few who don’t really care just so long as they get to piss someone off. As a side thought this would be a really bad time to remember you never learned to swim… Anyway! Fighting occurs and some deaths occur as well, which we all know is rare when it comes to comics…but never fear! Either the person didn’t exist in the normal timeline or they come back! Surprise! …Right because we never see that coming.

Thwan, Reverse Flash,  shows up finally and starts picking on Barry Allen and letting him know that the only one responsible for the timeline’s screw up is Flash. You also find out a tricky little tidbit…does anyone remember the whole “without Flash the Reverse Flash can’t exist” thing? Yeah well watch that soar out the window, Thawn is outside of the timeline meaning he can screw up what ever he wishes. Of course he’s doing the evil villain monologue and it doesn’t end well for him, so another potentially disastrous event is thwarted and all that’s left is to have Barry fix what he apparently messed up. So we come to a part that I have an issue with, because as you may be able to tell I don’t like being out of the loop on who people are. Flash is running along and fixes his mistake, and up pops a giant floating head of a woman. She informs Flash of the timeline split and the fact that it needs to be fixed, and when it does things will reset. My issue? Who the hell is she?! Seriously…a name thrown in there might have been informative. I suppose it’s not all that bad, but if she never pops up again in any of the New 52 issues I will not be happy. I’m not one for creating random characters just to explain things, it’s distracting and it brings down the story because it basically tells you the writers needed a way to explain things and went the easy route.

I realize I’m being a tad harsh on this one, but it’s kind of a big deal. Now as for those new story arcs that I mentioned I had a problem with…So if you’ve been hanging around the DC universe long you know they had major story arcs like Blackest Night that came into play, well consider them completely pointless now. Nothing matters anymore…It’s like deleting all canon events and telling readers to start over. Granted I understand the need for the reboot but it bothers me nonetheless. Harsh? Maybe, I’ll be the first to admit that time travel is one of the few plot devices that can piss me off, especially if it’s used specifically for the writers and not the characters.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any recommendations or requests please leave a comment letting me know and I’ll check them out. Tune in next week for more the first issue of the Batman spinoff of Flashpoint!

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