The Saturday Issue (9)

It’s no secret that I enjoy superheros and their out of this world stories, and I wanted to do something special on the blog related to it. So since I love reading comics I figured what better way to feature superheros than to talk about the issues as I read them! I really hope you enjoy!

Flashpoint #3

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artists: Alex Sinclair, Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope

Notable Events: Things continue to be extremely crazy..pretty much everything is notable.

Thoughts: Once again, if you haven’t read the previous issues of Flashpoint I run the risk of spoiling something for you…so if you mind then please go read them! They are worth it in my opinion.

Sooo as if the fact that Aquaman and Wonder Woman are tearing up Eurpoe in their own personal fued or the fact that Batman will kick your butt and take your life isn’t weird enough…we finally get to see Superman. Wow…talk about total opposites. When you think of Superman you picture the buff guy in the blue and red tight suit, with the adorable curly cue hair…and what you get in Flashpoint is a really skinny, really pale kid. He’s just so different and kind of sums up how crazy this world is now.

The good thing about this issue is that Barry Allen is back to being the Flash…it might have cost him most of his skin and hair but he did it! He’s back in the game and he’s driving Batman nuts.

I’d say this issue goes by fast because so much and so little happens all at once, but there are only two more issues of this main arc left so it’s getting to that boiling point. The ending of this leaves the heroes kind of reeling as to what they will do since their main idea has just flown the coup, literally.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any recommendations or requests please leave a comment letting me know and I’ll check them out. Tune in next week for more superhero goodness.

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2 Responses to The Saturday Issue (9)

  1. emaginette says:

    I’m not sure what I like more, the graphics or the storyline. 🙂

    • inlibrisveritas says:

      I agree! I finished the whole story arc a few days ago, and read the short arc that deals solely with Batman. It’s just amazing and kind of crazy, I can’t wait till I get to feature those.

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