The Saturday Issue (6)


The Saturday Issue focuses on the more visual books read here at In Libris Veritas; ranging from graphic novels to manga to game companion guides.

Journey Into Mystery #87 (1960)

Writers: Stan Lee and Larry Lieber

Artists: Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers

Notable Events: The first appearance of Odin

Thoughts: Well this starts off rather interesting. American scientists are being kidnapped by the ‘Reds’ and held prisoner in the Soviet Union. So of course Dr. Don Blake hatches a plan and immediately poses himself as a incredibly valuable scientist in order to help put a stop to the kidnappings. Apparently the ‘Reds’ don’t really believe in checking out the scientists they are kidnapping to see what exactly they are taking, so of course the plan works and Blake wakes up in a cell…with his cane. So at these the ‘Reds’ are considerate enough to make sure he has his cane with him in his prison.

Thor appears and the best lines and panels also appear. In the midst of Thor battling his way to save scientist and stop the terrible abductions a few things that struck me as kind of goofy. A soviet solider see Thor and his hammer and immediately asks if he’s on their side because they have a hammer on their flag. I actually like that guy, he’s using his head…but he’s ultimately wrong and Thor blinds him and his colleagues without a second thought.

Then during their main escape Thor decides he needs to break down some walls. How do you think he does it? Swing his mighty hammer and smash it to bits? Nope…he spins it and creates shocks waves so powerful it rips the walls down. Oh and did I mention the Reds have a trap door that leads to a pit of sharks? Yep! Clearly these guys were to be feared…you know before Thor decided to make sure they had permanent damage to their retinas or collapsed a building on them.

In the end Thor saves the day yet again and the threat to the scientists is gone….and Jane Porter is completely clueless. You would think she would notice that Thor only shows up when Blake is in the same area…but nope, she’s to busy batting her eyelashes and sighing at the prospect that Thor might sweep her away.

Well only one issue again this week I’m afraid, so next week be on the look out for Green Lantern #2 next weekend. I do hope you check back in. Remember if you have any recommendations for issues to feature please feel free to do so, they can be old or new. I would love to add a variety so I’m very open to anything you may toss at me.



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