Unidentified Woman Ebook Giveaway

Today I have a great excerpt and giveaway for the book Unidentified Woman which comes out on August 15th, thanks to the author Hillel Damron! Also as a special promotion for the first three days of sale it will be only 99 cents!

Unidentified Woman—a story of rape, revenge, and redemption—follows a young Mexican girl, Maria Sanchez, who is kidnapped on her way to school one morning. She is enslaved and repeatedly, brutally raped by paying customers, mostly Americans. But she survives and grows up to become an independent young woman living in Los Angeles. She tracks down all those men who wronged her, exerting a deadly, unusual punishment.

On her footsteps, following the police and FBI’s failure to capture her is a reluctant, amateur private investigator, Gideon Gold: a former commander of an elite Israeli paratroops unit and a Mossad secret agent. His frantic pursuit of her takes unexpected twists and turns, culminating in a dramatic, compelling game of cat-and-mouse, which will change both of their lives forever.

About the Author:

Hillel F. Damron was born in Israel to parents who survived the Holocaust. He was an officer at an elite paratroops unit and was wounded in battle. He studied films at the London Film School and became a film director of TV documentaries, a feature film, and numerous video shorts. He is the award-winning author of a Sci-fi novel, short stories and film reviews. His novel Very Narrow Bridge, a first in the series of Gideon Gold’s Investigation, was published last year.

This year in February he was awarded Moment Magazine’s prize for winning its memoir contest with his entry: The Sweet Life. And in the summer, August 15th, his second novel in the series of Gideon Gold’s Investigation will be published throughout the E-reader Universe. Be the first to read an excerpt, and have an initial clue on the road to solving the mystery: who is she, the Unidentified Woman, and what’s her story?

Here’s a short excerpt:

I feel lucky today, Adela. I breathe the crisp spring air. I listen to the singing of the birds. I smell wild flowers. I shake my hair loose and let it fly. The promise of quiet is suddenly all around me, and I can hear myself thinking for the first time since I was kidnapped. Maybe there is a future for me after all, like Big Mamá said.
I’m working alone, the way Mario told me to. Not with the other workers I saw on the way before we entered this narrow valley. The work is easy, much better than the hard work at the factory. I water the coca plants with a hose. That’s all I do. It’s a young field and the shrubs are about my size, no more than one meter and twenty tall. They don’t seem thirsty to me, the plants, but still, I fill this shallow circle that surrounds them with water. I just look at the water streaming so nicely. Then when it’s full, I move the hose to the next plant. I feel a gentle breeze coming down from the hills. I hear only birds and the whisper of the wind. I see the water swirling and I see the butterflies fly around me. My wish at this moment is to be a butterfly.
But suddenly—don’t know how, don’t know why—I see a shadow in the water circling the plant. I hear footsteps, too. And when I raise my head to look, the man is too close for me to run away. He is tall and old and Gringo. He is wearing boots and a cowboy hat. Like in a movie we saw together once, Adela, in our village. Remember?
I let the hose drop down from my hand and take a step back. That’s when he takes his hat off and throws it on the ground. His head is bald like a melon, and so ugly. He looks me up and down. He smiles. Evil smile.
“You’re mine, Little Maria,” he says in Spanish with an American accent.
How does he know my name? I hate that name. One day I’m going to change it. I turn around and begin to run. He chases after me and grabs me from behind. I scream but nobody hears me. Where is Mario? Where is Big Mamá? Where are the other workers I saw when we drove in here? Where is everybody?

If you would like more information please visit the links below.

Author’s website: HillelBridge

Facebook: Hillel F. Damrom

Twitter: @Shalomhad

Add the book on Goodreads: Unidentified Woman

Youtube Channel: Hillel Bridge (Make sure to check this out on the 15th for a book trailer!)

So, you guys know how this goes! All you need to do is fill out the form below, the only requirement is an email address so I can contact you if you win. This giveaway will end on August 20th 2012 and is international! Only one entry per person!! The winner will be contacted and has 48 hour to respond or I will choose another entry.

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2 Responses to Unidentified Woman Ebook Giveaway

  1. Lauren M. says:

    Wow, this is quite a sensitive book. It would be worth reading though to see how she seeks revenge.

  2. eep, this sounds like a dark subject wrapped in revenge. Thanks for sharing the excerpt

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