The Saturday Issue (3)


The Saturday Issue focuses on the more visual books read here at In Libris Veritas; ranging from graphic novels to manga to game companion guides.

Journey Into Mystery #85 (Thor the Mighty)

Writers: Larry Lieber & Stan Lee

Artists: Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers

Notable Events: First appearance of Loki

Thoughts: Last issue we had some in sight on Thor’s relationship with Jane, and now we get to the one relationship that kind of adds fuel to the Marvel fire. Thor and Loki…after all it’s because of Loki that The Avengers were called together for the first time. But that’s later, and this is merely his first appearance. This one gives some great background on Loki, as well as his rather genius mind. When you first see him, he’s in a bit of a predicament…he’s in a tree. I don’t mean he’s lounging in it’s boughs, I mean he is literally trapped inside. He can only get out when someone sheds a tear for him…so in true Loki fashion he simply pokes Hemdall in the eye with a leaf and strolls out of Asgard and heads to Earth to search for Thor. They don’t really get into his actual relationship with Thor or how he knows him (though most of us already know by now), but that’s fine because the ridiculous encounters they have with each other in this issue is enough appease me.

I’m rather fond of the completely wild tactics Loki uses, like using magic to make signs come to life or riding on a cloud of pigeons. He even manages to hypnotize Thor using sunlight. But he’s not all smoke and mirrors, he still likes to push people in front of trains occasionally. Needless to say his first appearance is fantastic.

Of course there are the downsides…like Jane, who is still rather stupid. The first thing she says when she sees Loki are the words “Dashing” and “Romantic”…wow. I’m pretty sure seeing a guy in a skin tight green suits, yellow fish-scale shorts, and gold horns was not normal in this time period, it’s not really normal now…and she thinks he’s dashing and romantic. I guess I can give her points for having good taste at least. The other downside is the weakness to water that Loki has, it’s just another one of those odd convenient quirks. Also as a fun fact, it seems it takes less than 60 seconds for a magical hammer to fly from Earth to Asgard and back…pretty cool. Oh did I mention it had Loki tied to it’s handle?

The next issue will pit Thor against Tomorrow Man…

Showcase #24 (Green Lantern)

Writer: John Broome

Artist: Gil Kane & Joe Giella

Notable Events: Nothing truly notable happens in this one.

Thoughts: Well this is mostly a filler issue, that gives you a little insight on some relationships but nothing truly important happens. Green Lantern has to take down some guys that steal some plane plans from him and also a giant pink monster that some idiot scientists created. Fairly standard superhero stuff, it’s basically no big deal.  I think the thing that’s focused on the most in this issue is Carol’s rather embarrassing and nearly creepy obsession with Green Lantern. I knew their relationship was going to get irratating over time but it’s so bad it’s almost laughable. Carol reveals that she wants Green Lantern to marry her, in fact she’s positive he’s going to ask. Now I’m not particularly sure why other than he’s gone on some dates with her, which I find stupid. The suit if for saving the world, not getting in Carol’s knickers…At any rate she’s distressed because he hasn’t popped the question and can’t figure out why.You know, other than the fact that he never intended to anyway. She’s a tad delusional I think.

It only gets worse really…because she tells Hal about a dream where she was marrying Green Lantern but to her utter dismay Hal shows up instead. She even tells Hal how horribly disappointed she is, who does that!? I’m pretty sure his ego would have shriveled at that point. Anyway her dream concludes with Hal turning into Green Lantern and saving a guy, and then she immediately asks Hal if it was true. Of course he brushes it off, I mean what else can he do? So the issue ends after he saves the world again, and she still thinks Green Lantern is going to propose. Like I said, delusional.

This issue included ‘The Secret of the Black Museum’ and ‘The Creature that Couldn’t Die’

Thanks for stopping by! Tune in next Saturday for more awesome comic book action!

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2 Responses to The Saturday Issue (3)

  1. emaginette says:

    I must be leading a sheltered life, because this blog is the first I’ve read about comic and superheros. I love superheros and I always will.

    Love the post and promise to come back for more. 🙂

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