The Saturday Issue (2)


The Saturday Issue focuses on the more visual books read here at In Libris Veritas; ranging from graphic novels to manga to game companion guides.

Journey Into Mystery #84 (Thor the Mighty)

Writers: Larry Lieber & Stan Lee

Artists: Jack Kirby & Joe Sinnott

Notable Events: Introduction of Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest.

Thoughts: This certainly holds up to the previous issue as far as fun storytelling and great artwork, however it felt a bit like a means to an end than a pivotal moment. This is mostly an introduction to Jane Foster and her relationship with Dr. Blake/Thor, and so it mostly centers on that. Jane is fairly typical of women in comics of this era, she’s kind of airy and obsessed with vanity…that being said I’m not all that fond of her. I do like how Dr. Blake is unsure of himself around her and then less than two frames later he’s saving people without a second though, even takes down a dictator.

I‘m also fond of how ridiculous everything is. Dr. Blake turns into Thor in a  public place (a boat and while surrounded) and no one notices, I just love how easy it is to keep your identity secret. There are also the wild situations that Thor ends up in and how he solves them, just look at the picture to the left. I mean the things he does would have never crossed my mind so it has that fantastic feel to it when he saves the day by going all out.

This was a decent issue but I’m really looking forward to the next one, it has a certain green and yellow villain that I’m starting to adore!

Showcase #23 (Green Lantern)

Writer: John Broome

Artist: Gil Kane & Joe Giella

Notable Events: Nothing truly notable happens in this one.

Thoughts: This issue was a mix of bad and good for me. I enjoyed the actual action of this but the parts pertaining to Hal’s dating life just made my opinion of him lower. The action is awesome and out there, so it kind of makes up for it. Hal visits Venus and takes on a invisible guy bent on blowing something up with an atomic bomb. While the Venus issue isn’t super suspenseful it does have a pretty cool combo of superheros and dinosaurs, which in my opinion is unbeatable. The Invisible Destroyer’s story is pretty imaginative and certainly takes a turn I wasn’t expecting.

Then comes the annoying part, the romance, which will probably only get worse as the issues progress. Hal continues to be creepy and instead of getting a girl as Hal uses his mask and tight spandex suit to woo them. It’s rather annoying how he can’t figure out what to do about Carol as Hal, but as soon as puts the suit on suddenly he doesn’t have too much of a problem anymore.

Clearly I’m a ‘hold the mush’ kind of girl when it comes to my superheros…I just want you to kick butt, if your girlfriend doesn’t kick butt as well chances are I’m going to hate her. At any rate, this one includes: “Summons from Space” and “The Invisible Destroyer”.

Thanks for stopping by! Tune in next Saturday for more awesome comic book action!

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