The Saturday Issue (1)


The Saturday Issue focuses on the more visual books read here at In Libris Veritas; ranging from graphic novels to manga to game companion guides.

Journey Into Mystery #83 (Thor the Mighty)

Writers: Larry Lieber & Stan Lee

Artists: Jack Kirby & Joe Sinnott

Notable Events: First appearance of Thor

Thoughts: I’m super happy with my first experience when it comes to Thor comics. The narration is perfect and fun to read, even if it does feel a bit dated. As with all comics from this time things are oddly detailed at some points, like the hero’s weakness is measured to exactness. Even the art is detailed perfectly, though that’s no surprise since it’s Jack Kirby. Then there is the main character Dr. Donald Blake, who stumbles across a magical wooden cane during an alien invasion. He’s rather down to earth, patient and careful…and then suddenly he is blessed with a rather large and thunderous alter ego, Thor.

I love the difference between the two ‘personalities’, though it is the same man. He goes from quiet to brash, such a cool transition. I also like how the hammer turns into a walking cane when not in use, rather convenient since Dr. Blake has  a problem with his leg.

Over all it’s a great intro to a new character, and definitely looking forward to more.

I’ll have issue #84 next week!

Showcase #22 (Green Lantern)

Writer: John Broome

Artists: Gil Kane & Joe Giella

Notable Events: First appearance of the Green Lantern and Carol Ferras

Thoughts: This isn’t my first time reading a Green Lantern comic/graphic novel, but all of the ones I’ve read have been newer so this is my first time getting into the originals. I can’t say I’m disappointed but it certainly feels different and I think I ended up laughing at it more than anything. It’s not bad but it’s certainly…bit weird. It’s also pretty dated, but that can’t be helped. I have never been overly fond of Hal Jordan, he’s cool but he’s nothing special to me…but the Hal Jordan in this issue was just creepy and bit pathetic. He’s still heroic, macho and brave but he uses the suit to pick up women and that is just weird. I know if we had real superheroes women would be lining up but…to do it on purpose just comes off as a bit shudder worthy. Carol Ferras is a strong female which for the time period is a tad rare, and to prove it they even have her dad state “I wanted a son”. None of this turned me off of the story though, it’s just interesting to see how things have changed.

His weakness to yellow is a bit extreme, and it barely gives a reason other than a necessary impurity in his ring. I feel bad for him because the enemies love garish looking things so he’s always pretty powerless.

I found the overall thing to be bit wordy and over described at times, though it’s still fun to read. I did love that there are three ‘separate’ stories in one issue as it really helps to keep you reading. In this one the stories are entitled: “SOS Green Lantern”, “Secret of the Flaming Spear”, and “Menace of the Runaway Missile”.

Thanks for stopping by! Tune in next Saturday for more awesome comic book action!

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