A Slight Change to my Policy

As most of you know by now there has been quite a lot of drama in the book blogging world in the past 6 months, and for the most part I’ve tried to ignore it. I try to be fairly removed from it, though I occasionally has expressed my dislike of the on goings. I’ve even had a self-pub author get angry with me in the past over a review, but I moved on after it was resolved.  However this most recent issue involving a self-published author, who I will not name because you can easily find it elsewhere, has me rather…unsettled. It’s kind of taken it to another level…

I considered not accepting self-pub requests anymore…but I felt that was rather harsh, especially since I’ve loved so many. Since I want to keep that option open I will be changing my format policy for self-published authors. In regards to self-published authors I will only accept ebook copies. Now I understand that doesn’t change alot in some regards, but quite frankly I feel it needs to be said so that nothing is misunderstood. It will remain this way, unless I get a PO Box.

I have one more thing that I will post here and in my policies. If you send me a request that includes your book as an attachment let it be noted that I have agreed to nothing unless I send you a response saying I agree. If I am interested in reviewing your book (attached or not) I will reply to your request telling you such and letting you know the needed details. If you do not hear back from me then it is a denial…I do try to respond to all request emails however a few do slip through the cracks occasionally. I assure you I’m not ignoring you or trying to be rude, I just get a ton of emails and occasionally miss some (or think I’ve responded and haven’t).

Now…I think that’s everything and I’ll be updating my policy page shortly. I do hope that all of this goes away quickly.

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