End of the Year Wrap Up

Hey guys!

As you well know today is the end of 2011! So it’s time to look back on goals and achievements, as well as set new ones. I wanted to posted how I did this year both blog-wise and reading-wise.

Reading Stats

Total Books Read: 151

Total Page Count: 35,534

Longest Book Read: Inkdeath = 663 Pages

Blog Stats

Total views: 3,224

Busiest Day: November 30th

Total Followers: 178 (From various sites: Facebook, WP, Twitter,etc.)

Top 5 Search Terms:

  • Snape (This makes me very happy)
  • In Libris Veritas (This too)
  • Bernobich
  • Fable

I have a few challegnes that ended today if you want to check out how I did.

Wrapping Up 2011 Read-A-Thon

December Netgalley Month

In 2012

My plans for the blog are fairly simple this far, and that’s to simply keep it up to date and filled with interesting stuff for you guys. I’ll hopefully get more followers as the year progresses, I want to at least get to the 300 mark before the year is out. I still need to hold my 100 follower giveaway as well.

I never really set an amount to read each year, I usually shoot to get around the same as the year before. However since I went above and beyond this year I think I’ll just try to hit 100 and go from there.

I have a few challenges set up as well.

2012 Mount TBR Reading Challenge

A Classics Challenge

2012 Harry Potter Reading Challenge

Why Buy the Cow? 2012 Reading Challenge

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