NetGalley Month December

I’m participating in this NetGalley Month December, which is hosted by the lovely Vicky at Books, Biscuits, & Tea. I always seem to have tons of NetGalley books to read and since I managed to knock out a few with that last on I participated in I thought I’d do it again. In truth I was kind of doing a personal one Netgalley read-a-thon for the month because I didn’t know this was going on, so I’m going to count the one I’ve read already this month but I will make sure to mark it as such.

The Rules:

  •  Netgalley Month runs until December 31
  • Our aim is to read as many Netgalley books as we can in order to get ourselves through our TBR piles. You can read as many books as you like, but they have to be from Netgalley.
  • Make your own blog post about the event
  • If you have Twitter, feel free to use the hashtag #NetGalleymonth when you update your status.

Here are the books I have planned for this month.

Finished & Reviewed

Finished & Reviewed

Finished & Reviewed

Finished & Reviewed

Finished & Reviewed

So those are the chosen books, I doubt I’ll finish all of them but I’m going to attempt it.I will link the photos to the reviews when they are posted.

As a side note, Lady Seductress’ Ball and Priestess of the Nile will not be reviewed on this blog. It will be reviewed on Pages of Desire, where I will be posting all of my romance/adult novel reviews. It is a 18+ site due to some content of these books.

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