Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Judged By It’s Cover


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Top Ten Books That I Judged By The Cover

Most of these will either be books I have not had a chance to read yet or books I’ve read since I started the blog, just to make it easier on myself but I judge by the cover a lot. Also if I have a review previously posted I’ll link to it.

  1. This was a library check out, but as soon as I saw it I practically pounced on the shelf to get to it (it was on the top shelf and I’m short). Beautiful cover and really beautiful story too. It wasn’t a masterpiece but I really enjoyed it and if the second on ever comes out I’ll definitively read it. (Review)
  2. Another Goodwill purchase. I will be the first to admit that I adore vampire books, I always have and I probably always will. The mixture of vampire bites and pearls kind of intrigued me so I put it in my cart. I guess I wasn’t disappointed in this pick, it was interesting enough so I’ll eventually get around to reading the second one. But it’s not high on the priority list. (Review)
  3. This one was one that I borrowed from a friend after staring at the cover for about a week. It was always laying out in the open so I would always see the cover and practically drool over it…eventually my friend just let me read it. Definitely not disappointed in this one, it turned out to be one of my favorite books! Terrific story!
  4. I adore Ancient Egypt so it didn’t take me long to have this one in my hands. I remember walking into Borders  and seeing this immediately, I don’t think I even bother seeing if it was fiction or not. It turned out to be a wonderful read and I’ve read one other book from Moran since then that was just as enjoyable.
  5. This is one that I heard everyone else was reading, it didn’t really strike my fancy. But as soon as I saw the cover I was kind of hooked. I mean I wanted to know what painting was in the reflection, what the main character was really like and if she was as ‘smooth’ as the picture. Anyway, I really enjoyed it a lot and I’ve been meaning to get the second one. (Review)
  6. This is one that I saw in Borders and immediately had to have. It’s extremely rare that I do this in full priced stores because the books deemed ‘literature’ are so much more expensive, but I had to have it. I’ve looked at the other cover versions for this book and some of them are far better then this one and I wish I had those as well. The story definitely lived up to the cover more me, surpassed it even. It was what I was expecting but it was so amazing that I had trouble putting it down.
  7. Okay can you blame me for this one? I mean I see a zombie, which kind of intrigues me on it’s own, and then I see a unicorn…which utterly confuses me. Then as I scan the rest of the cover I realize underneath the jacket is a huge battle between zombies and unicorns nicely drawn out for me. I could not put this back on the library shelf, it was literally impossible for me to do that. It was and wasn’t a disappointment based on the cover. It enjoyed it but I didn’t get the battle that I was looking forward to and that cover practically promises. (Review)
  8. This was a case of mistaken identity really. You see it had a similar name to one I wanted to read and the castle on the front looked really cool. Plus it was at Goodwill. So in the cart it went. This was a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great book and pretty inspirational. However it’s just not my cup of tea really, I don’t particularly seek out books like this. (Review)
  9. This one is actually on it’s way to me now, so I haven’t read it yet. I will admit that I barely know anything about this book, I’ve read some reviews and looked a the blurb…but somehow I’ve managed to forget all of them. All I know is that the cover is feeding my cat like curiosity and I can’t wait to dig in.
  10. This cover is gorgeous! I saw this on Goodreads and just knew I had to read it. Lucky for me Miss Martelly gave away a few ebook copies for free the very next day and I managed to get one. This actually turned out to be on of my favorite reads for this year and I can’t wait for the next one to come out. (Review)
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7 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Judged By It’s Cover

  1. Priya says:

    I know what you mean about The Alchemist. I read it because the cover made it look nice. But I didn’t like the book, not as much as the cover, anyway!

  2. trish says:

    The Gargoyle and Nefertiti are both really beautiful covers!

  3. commonreader says:

    I bought The gargoyle for the cover too! Though I haven’t read it yet, I plan too! nice list!

  4. Lucy says:

    There are some very cool covers here. I loved the cover for Pegasus, and The Faerie Ring is gorgeous too. I was pondering picking up the Zombie & Unicorn book for the cover too, but I never did. Adding Fox to my TBR- thanks for the rec!

  5. I love the cover for The Gargoyle. I will need to check that one out. The cover for The Alchemist is also intriguing. I have been wanting to read that novel for some time.

    Here is my top ten book covers/titles …

  6. Angel says:

    Heist Society is on my list too! And lol yes, Zombies Vs. Unicorns had a brilliant cover.

  7. Zombies vs. Unicorns looks awesome. So does The Faerie Ring.
    I’ve never heard of Fox, but the cover is gorgeous. 🙂

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