Review: A Calm Whisper – Art Unseen, Stories Untold by Akshat Singhal

A Calm WhisperSource: The Youth World – I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I received no compensation.
Publisher: The Youth World
Edition: Ebook, 174 pages
Genre: Young Adult Historical Fantasy
Rating: 4/5

A Calm Whisper is a compilation of original artwork, short stories and poems created by people from across the world. This book brings to you those budding and unsung artists and writers who have the potential yet are unnoticed.
What is it to live when you have just few months before you die? How a kid changes a teenager’s perception about life and family? What is it to lose a brother? How a fatal surgery by a doctor can change his life? Many more such questions like these await you in the short story segment.
Wondered what a mere ball pen can create? What digital art looks like? How art blends with footwear? Watch some amazing artworks in the art section.
A teenage one sided love, the pain of 9/11 US attacks, suicide, the hidden side among all of us, the greatness of friendship, the misery of losing a brother and much more all under poetry section.
One will find various mediums of art, stories covering many aspects of life and poems that one can relate with its own life.

When I saw that the author of this book was looking for reviews I practically pounced on it. I’ve been craving something more from the heart and less about the fantasy and mass appeal, and this fit that perfectly. This is a unique collection of short stories, artwork and poetry by ordinary people whose voices might never have been heard by others.

I find that premise to be wonderful and oddly sad. It’s easy to forget that their are ordinary people out there capable of creating wonderful things and yet the world may never see them simply because they are ‘ordinary’. It makes you wonder about the others around you, is the guy you see everyday on the way to work actually a poet? Is the woman in the business suit actually an artist? It’s a beautiful and startling thought, and this book really made me see that.

The short stories were all well written and more then a few of them were very touching. The first story nearly had me in tears and I had just started reading 5 mins before, I’m not a crier when it comes to books so I say that speaks volumes. Many of the other stories had me fighting back tears as well, and few others evoked several other emotions and memories of mine. The artwork was simply stunning and even some that while not traditionally considered ‘beautiful’ art that were striking in a personal way. The poetry hit home on all aspects and you can truly feel the emotions that these people felt when they put pen to paper. A few of these stories and poems will definitely stick with me for a while.

The best thing about this collection is that anyone can relate to it in some way. It touches all emotional subjects, everything for depression to love to disgust. It’s by no means a high quality piece of work as there are a few format issues, but that simply doesn’t matter once you start reading, it becomes more then just a book it becomes a voice for all of these people. A type of release that many of us need.

I completely recommend this to anyone who enjoys poetry and short stories. The aforementioned format issues are not terrible and do not effect your reading, and if not for my slight OCD I probably wouldn’t have even noticed. So don’t let that detere you. This is a wonderful and inspiring collection.

4 stars

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