Last Borders Book Haul!

I went back to borders for the last time…which I remember I’ve said before, but I swear this was actually the last time. I promise. Anyway, seeing sections of shelves be that empty was kind of heartbreaking. I adored that store and the people who worked there. I mean some of them had been working there since it had first opened up some years ago, and they remembered me and were always super nice. Now I’m going to have some other bookstore (hopefully) filling that spot, and I’ll have to learn the layout all over again and learn new faces. I even put the price stickers in my journal (which I got from Borders years ago) to remember and keep them.

Excuse the panda cookies, they are yummy. Anyway enough of my sentimental whining. I ended up walking out with seven new books, which is less then I was walking around the store with but I narrowed it down to only the ones I haven’t read yet.

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