Well I’ve finished reading most of the books I said I was going to in my last post…I know haven’t posted a review but I just haven’t felt like it and quite frankly I felt like I would be repeating myself in them so I might later but no promises.

Anyway, I haven’t purchased any new books because I’m trying to save money but I have checked out three more library books which are: Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris, The Vampire Diaries:The Return: Night Fall by L.J. Smith, and Undead and Unwed by Mary Janice Davidson. I’m looking forward to the last one and I hope I’ll end up liking it so I can read the others in the series. Also my dad decided that he wanted to make room in his closet, so now I have two full boxes of Star Wars books. Which I thought would be boring but the one I’m reading (Shadows of the Empire) is actually pretty good, so I suppose it’s not that bad I just need to find room.

I have started to plan out some of my holiday stuff and I’m working on Halloween right now but I’m stuck and need to hurry. I have more of an idea for Christmas and I plan to make a HIM tree this year. It’s going to be nice if I can convince my boyfriend to help out (which isn’t that big of a problem). Here are some pictures of my cat in a witch outfit that will probably never be worn again…she was not happy. But I remedied that with cat nip.

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